corrupt icons

  joram10176 16:48 31 Dec 2003

I have got some corrupt icon on my PC and do not know how to fix them i have been told to look for a file called shelliconcache and delete it but i am not able to find it
any help would be greatfully recieved

intel celeron, 256 Meg ram, 10 Gig HDD, Win 98 second edition

  hugh-265156 16:54 31 Dec 2003

define corrupt please?

do the shortcut icons not work or is there another problem with them,how they look etc?

  woodchip 16:59 31 Dec 2003

If they do not work delete them, then open Windows Explorer in the program that you want a shortcut look for the program.exe file now make the explorer window smaller by pressing the two little folder icon top right corner, right click the .exe file and drag to desktop choose create shortcut then try it to make sure it opens the right program

  broggs 17:31 31 Dec 2003

Download has a repair icon section.

  joram10176 18:16 31 Dec 2003

the icons all work but they look corrupted the icon picture is deformed

I will download Tweak ui and try it

  woodchip 19:15 31 Dec 2003

Check the windows Colours right click Desktop/Properties/Settings

  Djohn 19:17 31 Dec 2003

Try setting the resolution and refresh to a higher rate, apply and save, then revert back to your original settings. This will rebuild your Icon graphics and may cure the problem.

  joram10176 15:48 01 Jan 2004

OK sorted it using TWEAK UI downloaded it from there site done the repair icon thing and they all look normal
Thanks for all your help and comments


  broggs 15:01 02 Jan 2004

Glad to be of help.

  broggs 15:02 02 Jan 2004

dont forget to tick the resolved box

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