Corrupt Hard Drive

  gold 47 20:54 02 Dec 2003

Unable to format the drive stops at 75% with insufficient Memory!!!! thats rubbish,tried scandisk comes up with invalid long file name tells you to click on fix it nothing happens.
is there anyway of wiping this disk or is it a bin job? there must be some way of deleting this dam file.

  Gongoozler 21:09 02 Dec 2003

Hi gold 47. Are you trying to format the drive from within Windows or from a floppy boot disk?

  DieSse 22:02 02 Dec 2003

Download the manufacturers diagnostics. Run the "zero-fill" utility - this sets the drive back to "ex-factory" condition. Note takes a verrrry long time.

It can recover some problem drives.

  gold 47 23:05 02 Dec 2003

gongoozler i have tried both there are about four files that are corrupt about 2.8gb in total
and dated 12/11/2053 i'm foxed with this one.

  Gaz 25 23:13 02 Dec 2003

I had a problem where files were corrupted, it was my IBM DEATHSTAR... Running a Maxtor SATA now.

  BlueMeanie 23:23 02 Dec 2003

Try partioning the drive differently, ie Drive c: 50%, Drive D remaining amount. Reboot, and then partion it again to what you really want. ie Drive C: entire capacity.

Also try Fdisk /mbr to reset the boot table.

  gold 47 02:24 03 Dec 2003

Many thanks for your input todate i have got the drive up and running but is now showing incorrect size IE 501gb of free space other wise it is working,on WD drives your floppy has a write zeros
to drive how do you do this manually?? there is no info on the Samsung site.

  gold 47 08:27 03 Dec 2003


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