Corrupt files in temp interent folder

  Wulfrune 11:15 26 Jul 2004


I keep getting all kinds of corrupt files come up when I try to exe various programs. It says: C:\contents.IE5\B18 and so on is corrupt and unreadable. Please run the chkdsk utility. Ok, so I went to command prompt and typed ....
chkdsk/F so that it'd run in the C: drive.... BUT of course it didn't. I use windows XP pro (legit) anyone got any ideas please?

  Eastender 12:21 26 Jul 2004

In My Computer,right click on the drive you want to check, choose Properties and then Tools.

  Graham ® 12:27 26 Jul 2004

In command prompt, type chkdsk, enter. You were asking for F drive to be checked.

  Wulfrune 14:07 27 Jul 2004

/f : Fixes errors on the disk. The disk must be locked. If chkdsk cannot lock the drive, a message appears that asks you if you want to check the drive the next time you restart the computer. That came directly off Microsofts own web site. So, that wasn't much help I'm afraid Graham. I tried what you said Eastender but it said I can't lock the drive down...whatever that means...


  jonnytub 14:23 27 Jul 2004

chkdsk: yeah it's normal and i think you can do either.

  gudgulf 14:31 27 Jul 2004

I would be inclined to run a virus scan and adware/spyware scanner such as Adaware .I would also delete all the temporary internet files.The temporary internet folder is a place where many items of malware reside,so get rid of them and then try chkdsk again.
I clear my own temporary file directories when I close my browser and don't remember getting any programs not running as a result.

What programs are you getting the errors on?

If this has only started happening recently have you considered a system restore to a point before the problems occurred?

  Wulfrune 15:46 27 Jul 2004

It's mainly occuring when I boot up programs that access the net, like Ultima Online and other programs. I run adaware pro on a regular basis and it comes up with nothing.... hmmmm

  jonnytub 15:50 27 Jul 2004

try spybot s&d, i run both, whatever one misses the other usually gets.

  Wulfrune 21:30 27 Jul 2004

Ok, in Windoze can't help... anyone suggest a 3rd party program?
NO nassy spyware a lurkin onboard...used both Adaware & spybot.... even tried manually deleting them, nothing :(

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