corrupt files in norton liveupdate

  LEXIELOU 20:17 17 Sep 2004

After getting rid of tons of spyware with Adaware, and with the help of a technician from HP to edit the Registry (gasp) I now get an error message that a file is corrupt when I try to run Norton AV to scan my computer in safe mode. Any ideas?
Many thanks as usual

  stalion 20:39 17 Sep 2004

run an independant scan with this
click here

  Tog_ 20:40 17 Sep 2004

If, as the title of your post suggests, the problem is with your live updater, it is possible to download a copy of live updater from the Symantec website. I don't know where on the site, but it is there somewhere as I've had to do it to fix a problem with Norton before.

  LEXIELOU 20:50 17 Sep 2004

thanks guys, just tried the link from stalion but it's not going, have noted the address so will try it from search bar.
Have looked on Symantec site but .....blimey it aint arf complicated! If I do a manual intelligent updater download will that fix the corrupt file do you think, or would it be better to uninstall live updater and reinstall it ?

  Tog_ 21:55 17 Sep 2004

I had to uninstall live update and reinstall to get round my problem. It was fairly straightforward so try it and see if it helps. Otherwise it's reinstall of NAV and that means tons of downloads.

  LEXIELOU 22:03 17 Sep 2004

ok, one more question- where would be the best place to get liveupdate downloaded from? Do I contact Norton for a link? Or how about this link that I found somewhere or other?click here.
Where did you reinstall from? The disc even!!! Didn't think o that, it's Friday....

  polish 22:13 17 Sep 2004

i have had the same problem with liveupdate and there is a new version of liveupdate on the symentec site also other ways to correct the problem takes a little bit of searching as the site is not as easy as some to find info

  Tog_ 10:22 19 Sep 2004

That link is good.

According to Symantec on this page, click here you need either lusetup-lt.exe or lusetup.exe. If you have the home user version, it's the lusetup-lt.exe that you need.

  Ankermi31 20:08 22 Oct 2004

Read messages with interest. My Live Update has gone off - not recognising ISP!! In contact with Symantex and they have replied "purchase the latest version 2005 at 40% off" What says I and what about my 9 months o/standing subs for updates. Ah well we will give you a refund if you send us the confirmatory e-mail. But says I your UK site says quite clearly no reimbursements of subscriptions as "you are getting enhanced facilities with the new version"

Now what do I believe. Its not working but I am about to try Stalion's free links to check the system that I do believe!!

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