Corrupt files & HDD making strange noises.....

  Gaz 25 09:02 31 Oct 2003

Good morning to all,

I have two problems.

1. The HDD makes a clunk sound every now and again, does this suggest it is clapped out?

2. I have corrupt IE temp files, and I cannot delete them, and windows keeps poping up to run chkdsk.

But then, I managed to get rid of the file. Then another one gets corrupted. Then another message pops up that m$ is corrupt on the C:\ drive.

I think this could be also related with memory, HDD or windows.

Can anyone suggest anything before I go out buying a new HDD, reformat and try some other memory?

I hope this is not serious. But I have scanned for viruses with the latest defs. and run System file checker.

I have a AMD 2800+ Processor, 512Mb DDR memory (333), 120Gb IBM HDD and Gigabyte motherboard.

Hope you can help.


  mikeyb59 15:58 03 Nov 2003

By inability to delete files are you reffering to protecting your data?

If so, the solution is simple - smash it to pieces with a hammer!

  Gaz 25 17:08 03 Nov 2003



I have heard IBMs are known for problems, since Hitachi have taken them over. :-(

Anyway. A maxtor should be Ok, or a seagate.

I will see what I can get a swap for.

I have also corrupt files that I cannot git rid of, IE: delete.


  huddy1710 22:44 03 Nov 2003

You are right the occational klunk u hear is in fact the begining of a hdd failure on an ibm de/star.
backup all important data and buy a new maxtor hdd as u are on borrowed time.

  The Lights Are On 00:22 04 Nov 2003

It was a while ago when IBM had problems & certainly before Hitachi joined. I feel the Hitachi/IBM Drives are very good and are best buy in another well respected Pc magazine. I have recently bought another Hitachi/IBM 123 GIG to add to the identical one in my PC. Interestingly the drive that did fail was the Western Digital.

  DAG88 00:48 04 Nov 2003

why don't you format your Hard drive before getting a new one and seeing if files still become corrupted

  swapper 07:48 04 Nov 2003

This may sound very silly, but have you checked your keyboard? I had similar clicking with my HD, after reformatting and reinstalling a couple of times and still getting it, I was on the verge of getting a new HD when I noticed that one of the keyboard keys was staying depressed, it was that causing the problem (just thought I would mention it).

  Gaz 25 10:58 04 Nov 2003

My keys are not stuck, I have tried a wired one and a wireless one.

A quick search for click of death on google seems to bring up endless complaints about IBM deskstars.

Anyway, I have reformated and files (temp internet) during internet use are getting corrupted. Also any file I open is almost always corrupt after.

I just hope I can back up by contacts, etc as I have added some new ones.

Thanks for all your help. I do think I am on serious time before the HDD packs in for good.


  choffe 11:13 04 Nov 2003

maxtor are cool and verry reliable too., i use a seagate barracuda u-ata, should of gone for s-ata really, but both in my mind are verry reliable and at the seagate website you can download some nifty tools. click here as can you at maxtor. click here

  choffe 11:15 04 Nov 2003

windows have a method of install on a ibm deskstar, when asked to install any 3rd party drivers instead of pressing f6 press f5 and then you can configure the drive properly..

  Gaz 25 18:04 04 Nov 2003

I know.

But I am not aware you HAVE to do this are you?

It works fine. Just now, it has the click of death.

I am just going to get a Maxtor. Not aware they need any special set-up?

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