corrupt files causing reboots? :(

  salamader 14:28 05 Oct 2012


for the last few weeks my pc has been experiencing continuous blackouts and restarts.

My pc is only 10months old and i built it myself last christmas and its been perfectly fine until about 2 weeks ago. It will restart at intermittent intervals, sometimes it will last hours, other times (like just now) it will restart itself in quick succession with a matter of seconds.

now. i have done a memorytest and a cmd --> chkdsk checks, the temp throughout the pc is fine (ive even put new thermal paste in) and the power supply is fine (although id be surprised if there was hardware failure after 10months).

yesterday was a bad day, and it was almost unusable (thankfully i have a laptop!) and on the system repair it said that:

d:\fwkpkclnt.sys and d:\windows\system32\drivers\tcpip.sys files are corrupt, ive had a look at these online and it seems rather common but i cant seem to see how people have resolved the issue!

i have reformatted my drive multiple times with the same effect and i would be really grateful if someone might be able to give me a few pointers on what to do next

as a note, im using windows 7, i have a copy of XP at home..could wiping and reinstalling XP instead possibly solve the issue? im also writing this whilst my dying pc is running in safe mode and it hasnt restarted or anything..which to me is an indication that it is software based?

i would be really grateful if anyone can help me out, ive just started my MSc only last week so id love to get everything up and running again!


also! i just wanted to add that i have set my settings so that the pc doesnt restart automatically after a system failure in the hope that the BSOD will give me a helpful code...but it just restarts regardless..does that indicate towards anything?

  lotvic 15:03 05 Oct 2012

Wild thought - you could try a new cmos battery as it sounds like bios is not holding your settings change (Halt on all errors) to prevent it restarting. (restarts might have something to do with bios time clock being wrong due to resetting to default) Check the time shown in bios.

  rdave13 15:14 05 Oct 2012

I think it sounds as a PSU problem. Less load in safe mode and seems stable. Normal load and it cuts out, not actually crashing, as it would with a bad driver/software.

  woodchip 15:18 05 Oct 2012

You may have found the problem if it continues to run ok in safe mode. As in Safe Mode Windows does not load all the Drivers. So You may have a buggy Driver or Driver Conflict.

PS in Normal Windows try altering the Startup file, in Run Type MSCONFIG/Startup Tab after pressing Enter key, remove all running programs other than Anti-Virus Restart PC put a tick in the box when it restarts and throws the changed config box up. Load back one at a time of programs you want to start at startup then restart after each and do checks to make sure its working before loading any more

  salamader 16:00 05 Oct 2012

thanks for the ideas :)

the time and date in the bios is correct, so hopefully that should rule out a dodgy cmos battery.

as for power, ive used the psu calculator thing kicking around on the web and its recommeneds 352w and mine is a 550w hopefully that should rule out power problems?

im trying the msconfig thing now..i assume i dont disbale windows operating system from the startup options?

  woodchip 16:17 05 Oct 2012


  woodchip 16:18 05 Oct 2012

Don't forget its under Startup Tab that you remove ticks from boxes to stop the running at startup

  salamader 22:32 05 Oct 2012

right the msconfig unfortunately didnt turn up anything.

i was thinking, maybe i need to update the bios? i believe its latest version was dated 2010/2011

  rdave13 23:15 05 Oct 2012

In my humble opinion it is your PSU that is at fault. Errors are created if the PSU shuts down, for safety reasons, and the OS hasn't a chance to do anything. Keep persevering with driver/software fault and not finding any, and using a faltering PSU, will get you a burnt out motherboard. Again, just my humble opinion. One thing to check, make sure the connector to your PSU, from the 'mains' is fully pushed in. Sometimes a bad electrical connection can show this symptom.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:32 06 Oct 2012

It will restart at intermittent intervals, sometimes it will last hours, other times (like just now) it will restart itself in quick succession with a matter of seconds.

Agree with others here this definitely points to a failing PSU or bad memory stick (usually found with mem test).

I would be tempted to run with a stick out for awhile then swap over etc. to see if a bad stick is causing the problem if that doesn't do anything then a new PSU may be in order.

I have known PSUs fail in te first year several instances on this form over the years.

  salamader 14:50 31 Oct 2012

'twas the pcu!

i emailed scan who then pointed out to me that the pcu i had bought with my components wasnt compatible with my graphics card. so they recommended me one and et voila! havent had a single problem since.

thanks for all your help guys and girls :)

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