Corrupt DLL in Win 98

  Dobba 16:43 27 Mar 2004

My pal runs Win98 and on rebooting a couple of days ago, he got a message "A required .dll file c:\msvcrt.dll was not found". On ticking "OK", he got "Error loading Explorer.exe. You must re-install Windows". After clicking "OK" four or five times, this message vanished and the whole thing started again "A required file etc...".
We tried to reinstall Win98, using his CD Rom but the missing file notice came up again. I cannot make out why this should be so, because surely all the required files would be on the CD Rom?
Anyway, I tried to extract the file from the CD Rom using a Windows start-up floppy and installled as follows:-
From E:\Win98
File required msvcrt.dll
To C:\windows\system
and it appeared to do this, but we are still getting the "missing file" message when we reboot.
I am baffled and would appreciate any help.
Alan H.

  VoG II 16:48 27 Mar 2004

If it says it is missing from C:\ have you tried copying it there instead of C:\windows\system ?

  woodchip 16:50 27 Mar 2004

To get the file of the CD, Go to Start\Run type SFC press OK in the box Extract file put msvcrt.dll. It should go into the C:\Windows\System folder

  GaT7 16:51 27 Mar 2004

Might this help - click here - see Response Number 4

See also - click here

  woodchip 16:52 27 Mar 2004

PS there is also three found in NERO and One in Power DVD

  Dobba 16:53 27 Mar 2004

Thanks Vog, but I've tried that and several other combinations. I still don't understand why the original Windows 98 programe CD won't run because of an existing corrupt file on the original installation. The file seemed to extract when we tried it, but as you see, we are still no nearer.

  VoG II 16:54 27 Mar 2004

You could download from click here

  woodchip 17:01 27 Mar 2004

PS if you have the file in the System folder, and windows works OK I would suggest that the file is missing from one of the other locations above

  woodchip 17:08 27 Mar 2004

If he tries to use ether NERO or Power DVD and the message pops up about the missing DLL you know to reload the software to put the file back

  R4 17:25 27 Mar 2004

This file is in Directories for :- Nero; . Serif; .Power DVD; . Win DVD; & Windows system plus others probably.

try Re install one of these programs should fix it

  GaT7 17:36 27 Mar 2004

"When you attempt to start your computer, you may receive the following error message: Error loading Explorer.exe.

You must reinstall Windows:
When you click OK, you may receive the following error message:

A required .DLL file, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSVCRT.DLL, was not found.

You may then be unable to start Windows."

See solution in the MS KB article: click here

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