Corrupt CD

  Woody Ham 09:46 11 Feb 2005

Is there any chance of retrieving corrupt data from a CD? I have a photo cd and when I tried to eject it from a laptop, it gave an error message when I asked for it to be readable in any drive. Now, 2 of the 8 or 9 folders on the disc are shown as empty whereas I can't imagine (although anything is possible) I never put anything in them. I have tried copying the CD to hard disc but they are still empty. Ummm?

  mattyc_92 10:39 11 Feb 2005

Try using "Badcopy Pro" for this.... click here

With this program, you can recover files that are corrupt, disks that windows wont reconise, plus many more on almost very media type...

  TomJerry 17:46 11 Feb 2005

click here

or try CD X Rescue which can be found from PC Advisor cover CD a few months ago

  Terry Brown 21:04 11 Feb 2005

A trick that sometimes woks. Get some CD cleaner (available Maplins), and give the CD a thorough clean and polish up. This may enable the CD to read the missing data.

  Terry Brown 21:09 11 Feb 2005

To TonJerry-----
Unfortunatly CDX is no longer available to register, which means that if you cannot register it it will not work. It seems the people who want to control everthing are concerned you may rip off their CD's and flog them (as if we would), causing them to lose some of their wealth.

  grey george 21:23 11 Feb 2005

When you say a photo cd do you mean from a photo developer shop or a cd you have put photos on? Was the laptop drive a disc burner or a read only drive? If the disc came from a high street developer and the drive was a burner, when you asked it to make the disc readable in any drive it may have damaged the disc. If this is a disc you have produced do you still have the files on the pc or camera?

  TomJerry 21:52 11 Feb 2005

CD X Rescue was produced by 321 Studio who was forced out business becuase it produced a great DVD backup software. Becuase 321 Studio does not exist anymore, so you cannot register.

Maybe someone will send you reg code if you ask around.

  Woody Ham 23:21 11 Feb 2005

Thanks everyone. BadCopy Pro seems to works very well recovering 459 files from the CD.

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