Correcting Syntax Error?

  spuds 13:43 04 Dec 2011

I use Google Chrome and Firefox for my two main browsers, and also have Internet Explorer 8 installed on the computer but it is seldom used.

I keep getting Microsoft JScript Compilation Error - Syntax Error message popping up on the screen. Checking for a remedy to stop or correct this problem. I find the only possible reference is to tick 'Disable Script Debugging' in IE8. This is already ticked, to perform the action needed (?), but the problem is still very evident.

There is also two further problems, (1) that I get a request as to whether I want to install IE8, which is already on and working on the computer. (2) IE as encountered a problem, then suggests that it needs to close and a report sent?.

Can you offer a fix to the above issues?.

  bremner 14:58 04 Dec 2011

Have you tried resetting IE 8

Tools > Internet Options > Advanced if i remeber correctly

  spuds 15:43 04 Dec 2011

bremner, thank you for the response, much appreciated.

I looked at Reset earlier on, and was undecided as to whether to try that or not, hence my question. Just gone back and done a Reset. So I will now wait and see what happens?.

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