Correcting a Foxit Reader upgrade

  Housten 14:30 21 Dec 2013

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

I hope someone can help an increasingly stupid pensioner.

I spotted there was an upgrade to the Foxit PDF programme that I have, so I downloaded it. Being in the middle of something else I carried on with it, I finished I off, then forgot all about the upgrade! About two weeks later I found it and did the upgrade, declining anything extra, Chrome and other stuff. However when I started up Excel - and in the top row of what you can click to get it to do - I found there was an extra row which had 3 items in it. These were to do with creating a PDF file, which I do not do, and do not think I will ever wish to do. Eventually I found out that if I clicked an icon I got a whole list of 'Toolbar Options', the bottom one of which was the Foxit option. I clicked the tick beside this option and thought no more about it. But it keeps coming back!! Is there anyone who can tell me what else I have to do to get rid of these exceedingly annoying icons permanently? They are really annoying, and whilst it is not too much trouble to untick them, I am worried that I am going to forget and the file will have these on permanently, and this I do not want!!

Many thanks in advance. A Very Merry Christmas and a Marvellous New Year to everyone one who reads and replies to these exceeding useful Forums.

  alB* 15:44 21 Dec 2013

Housten, I noticed the last time I updated Foxit that it seems to now contains a lot of bloatware, I decided to uninstall the latest version and go back to an earlier version ( in my case) and that fixed my problems, you can get earlier version from from FileHippo enter link description here Hope this helps, ...alB

  The Kestrel 17:29 21 Dec 2013

I too found Foxit, which I have used for several years, has increasingly added more and more bloatware. I now use Sumatra PDF, which is a much smaller program and works perfectly for me.

click here

  woodchip 18:20 21 Dec 2013

Best way is Uninstall and Delete the PDF program then reinstall the latest version

  Housten 14:21 02 Jan 2014

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen,

Many apologies for taking so long to reply but having deleted Foxit.reader and instlled a new '.pdf. reader I wished to use it without thinking about it. Well I could not find my car insurance policy this morning, started a slight panic, completely forgot about trying out the reader, opened an email and printed a copy of my policy! It worked straight off with no problems whatsoever, so I guess I will be staying with 'Sumatra' pdf reader. A big advantage is that it is not that big, and quick!!! So thank you very much indeed!

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