Correcting DLL problems

  Cyberfella 21:33 26 Jul 2003

Im trying to Install an application(Sony-SonicStage) on a Windows Me O/S. When i run the setup im getting a dll error msg.
Could someone please help?

  Cyberfella 21:36 26 Jul 2003

Also the following error msg comes up

Flash 5 Active x Control - Error loading Win95inf32.dll

  woodchip 21:47 26 Jul 2003

This sounds like a game, if it is zilch. I do not like games on PC?s. They cause problems all the time.

  recap 21:51 26 Jul 2003

Sorry Cyberfella couldn't find any reference here:click here and the only thing that Google came up with was about wine: click here

  recap 21:57 26 Jul 2003

Looking into those links from Google, there is a win95inf32.dll but they say it's not usable yet. click here to see what I mean.

  Cyberfella 23:01 26 Jul 2003

its a app for converting music files.
Got the same from google.

Cheers anyway guys!

  woodchip 23:18 26 Jul 2003

Have you been to the web site to check for help. Have a look hear to see if you can find something.
click here=

  tims31 23:34 06 Sep 2003

If you are trying to get this program working for a Minidisc then try this site. They have people who know more about connecting up minidiscs.

click here

Also if it's for a NetMD walkman then you can now use Real player and the "Connect Sony Device"

Hope this helps

  woodchip 23:54 06 Sep 2003

Have you tried to copy the Software onto your Hard Drive Create a folder the start in safe mode and run from the copy onto the drive? What may be the trouble is that the file on the drive may be "read only" and windows will not let it change it

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