Correct way to ask for contents on a website?

  powerless 00:37 31 May 2003

I am currently typing out a few guides and require a few pieces of information. The best way i think would be to copy from another website. ( a few bits the rest will be my words)

All i want to copy is this: click here

I would also like to use some pictures from: click here and click here

What is the best way to go about this?

  Forum Editor 10:09 31 May 2003

is always protected by copyright - either that of the site owner, or that of the person who originally wrote the text.

If you want to use extracts you must ask for permission, and be warned that it will not always be granted. In the main, people will not mind, provided you comply with certain requirements. Common among these are:-

1. Text must have an attribution - a statement telling people where the text originally came from.

2. The text must not be altered in any way - it must be quoted verbatim.

3. It must not be used out of context - it must be used on a page that is relevant to its subject matter.

4. You may not take one copyright permission to mean a blanket permission - the text must only be used once, unless the copyright owner says otherwise.

5. Do not think that you can make a couple of alterations and 'pass off' the text as your own - because you can't.

Images are subject to similar restrictions, and again you must not take one from a site unless you have a clear consent from the copyright holder (who may be a different person from the site owner).

Play by the rules and you'll be able to hold your head up, infringe someone's copyright and you might find yourself faced with a legal action.

  powerless 03:40 01 Jun 2003

I have emailed "blackviper" and he would not allow me to use his images.

"I am sorry, but I have worked very hard on the content on my site and do not wish to "give" it's content away."


"Do not get discouraged, however, because in the very near future, I am going to zip up all the install guide screen shots and allow them to be downloaded."

Actually a few weeks, so i may end up getting them in the end.

Now to Micorsoft, when i find an email address i'll type one up.

  powerless 03:20 22 Jun 2003

Well it's more easy to use your own words, because thats whats it all about MY website and nobody elses.

...Well the people who hopefuly will view it.

The images i'm still after but the words their all going to be mine.

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