Correct URL for Background Image?

  Pesala 10:14 01 Nov 2003

By putting the following code inside the Head tag on the master border in Net Objects Fusion I have successfully changed the background on my entire site from scrolling to non-scrolling, which I think looks better. body background="file://localhost/C:/My Documents/Websites/Association for Insight Meditation/AIM_Background.jpg" bgproperties="fixed" bgcolor="#000000">

Before republishing to the web, I suppose that I could change the address from "file://localhost/" to "click here" but how can I change the address so that it works on both?

  Taran 12:34 01 Nov 2003

If you publish your site locally to a folder on your hard drive, NetObjects copies all linked files for the site to the folder you specify. All images will be put into the assets\images folder, including the background file.

Once it has been published locally you can FTP it up to your host, or if you let NetObjects publish to your host in the first instance at which point it will crate the assets\images folder on your host space and make the necessary link to the background file.

Or have I misunderstood your question ?

  Pesala 12:45 01 Nov 2003

If I were to set the background image in the normal way, NOF would do that, but as I have edited the HTML directly in the <Head> tag for the master border, I don't think it will do that.

I haven't actually tried, but I suspect that it won't be able to find the background image because it won't be in C:\My Documents. Perhaps it might if I put in C:\ but I think there should be another way.

I think I need some code somewhat like this:

<IMG SRC="./assets/images/autogen/clearpixel.gif" which is copied from my home page, but I don't know exactly what to put.

  Pesala 12:48 01 Nov 2003

The background region may be non-scrolling, but it is difficult to tell as the image is missing. click here

  Pesala 12:54 01 Nov 2003

To: <body background="click here" bgproperties="fixed" bgcolor="#000000"> the page works as planned.

The page on my NTL webspace is finding the file on my AIMWELL.ORG domain and it works fine. I suppose it would work just as well with my local publish as long as I am online, which I nearly always am, but the code from my local publish is zipped into an archive so that Joe Public can download the entire site to their hard disks. This is especially designed to help those with dial-up connections, so that code would not be very good.

  Taran 12:55 01 Nov 2003

Normally when you edit the source code NOF responds to it.

It has in the past for me when I play with it.

Try a local publish to a folder on your hard drive and test it out. If it errors, we can do things another way, but normally whatever code you edit is taken into account by NOF when it publishes your site.

NOF creates a copy of any file you use for your site when it publishes. You could have images on C:\, Flash files in C:\Documents and Settings\Taran\My Documents\Flash files and yest more images on C:\Documents and Settings\Taran\Desktop

When you select the publish command though, NOF copies all relevant files from where they may be and dumps them in the relevant assets folder with the appropriate links. If you've edited those links or underlying code manually, NOF normally takes this into account during publishing.

The only other way is to manually edit the published files with the relevant code which, given the size of your site, would be a daunting task.

You could use a CSS file that every page references which could contain both the location of the background image and its status in terms of static or otherwise.

If you create your own Master Border with the necessary settings and apply it to the whole site NOF should use these global settings when it publishes.

Try a local publish. If that doesn't work we'll think of something else.


  Pesala 13:09 01 Nov 2003

Now I have changed the code again to:

<body background="./AIM_Background.jpg" bgproperties="fixed" bgcolor="#000000">

It works perfectly now, both on my NTL webspace, and on my local drive. I also accidently published it to my Domain, and it works there too.

Thanks for listening, but it seems I solved my own problem this time.

  Pesala 13:11 01 Nov 2003

What is the significance of the background colour?

Since I am using a background image, does this need to be defined? Would it not be better to have it white in case people turn images off?

  Taran 13:16 01 Nov 2003

It's always worth setting your page background colour to something appropriate, even if you use an image for the very reason you mention.


  Pesala 13:24 01 Nov 2003

<body background="./AIM_Background.jpg" bgproperties="fixed" bgcolor="#FFFFCC">

That works much better if people turn off graphics: click here and I can now make the whole website background non-scrolling with one line of code in the rght place.

NOF is really powerful. It does all the hard work for you, but you can still get under the bonnet to tinker with things if you need to.

I hope everbody agrees that non-scrolling looks better. Please say if it looks wrong on some pages.

  Pesala 13:32 01 Nov 2003

Difficult to get the right colour. Yellow is a bit too strong. Safer to stay with white.

I am updating the enitre website again now with the new non-scrolling texture, with a white background.

body background="./AIM_Background.jpg" bgproperties="fixed" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

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