correct terminolgy

  purdu 20:55 22 Aug 2003

Is there a preferred way of writing CD-Rom for book publishing? cd-rom? CD-Rom or CD-ROM? Any ideas?
Thank you.

  jazzypop 21:06 22 Aug 2003

The Oxford Dictionary refer to a CD-ROM (see click here ), but I would also check with your publisher, as they often have in-house guidelines

  DieSse 21:08 22 Aug 2003

Since it is an acronym, the standard way to write acronyms is in capital letters.

  mistagf 21:37 22 Aug 2003

Would agree with both of the above.

Manuals and specs for the company I work for refer to CD-ROM , DVD- ROM

  purdu 10:52 23 Aug 2003

As we all seem to be in agreement, it looks like CD-ROM. Many thanks for your help.

  Forum Editor 10:55 23 Aug 2003

the letters stand for CompactDisk - ReadOnlyMemory, and should be typed as CD-ROM

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