correct settings for an ADSL/router

  terendak_uk 19:04 06 Nov 2004

I've just replaced my Alcatel ADSL modem with a 3COM OfficeConnect ADSL/router with wireless capability to next be able to add a USB network adaptor to my PC in anaother room. I have successfully connected the primary PC via the cable from the device to the ethernet card. What I'd be very grateful for is advice on the new settings ie: with the Alcatel modem , I set the PC to connect to the internet when I wanted to ( a dialogue box would come on whenever I opened IE, for example, asking if I wanted to connect. With the 3com device, I can't find any such......and nothing in the system tray.Am I correct in assuming that now, as soon as my PC is on, the internet connection is automatically live? Can I set the device to only connect on demand? BTW, there is a built- in hardwire firewall in the 3Com device that is enabled.WIn XP OS. At work we have an "always-on" ethernet card ISDN connection.....same here? Be most grateful for advice

  terendak_uk 18:35 07 Nov 2004

DOn't know how but it suddenly worked. Be grateful for answers to above tho'. Also, I need to now set up encryption? WEP? Is this easy? DO I need it on both PCs?

  terendak_uk 09:20 08 Nov 2004

thanks to a previous post here by Terminator and sorted by Al94. Just would very grateful for clarification re the "always on" nature of the adsl/router.

  TomJerry 09:35 08 Nov 2004

"as soon as my ROUTER (PC) is on, the internet connection is automatically live"

ROUTER do all connection job. when it is on, internet is live even if you do not have any PC

  TomJerry 09:37 08 Nov 2004

have you set up "MAC adress filtering". If you do not, anyone in your street will be able to access your router.

  terendak_uk 10:04 08 Nov 2004

No....not yet. I will now do it this evening tho. I type in the router's IP as stated here click here
and just enter the MAC addies of each PC/laptop?

  fly2hi 23:28 08 Nov 2004

you should be able to connect/disconnect the router from the internet within its setup pages although i never bother. if your pc is turned on it is connected to the internet regardless of wether you have a browser running, as are all other pc's on your network. I'd definitely use the encryption and mac filtering features seeing that they are already there.

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