The correct or right way to defrag?.

  spuds 11:53 16 Aug 2013

Perhaps a very stupid question, but one that I have pondered on from time to time!.

Should a defragmentation on a computer take place at any time, or before or after a general clean-up, using say a program like or similar to Advanced System Care, Wise Care etc?.

Also what is the best option for a defrag, use the operating systems own method, or use one of the number of free defrag programme downloads available, like Iobits Smart Defrag 2 etc?.

  woodchip 12:14 16 Aug 2013

do the cleanup first.

  Woolwell 12:20 16 Aug 2013

I'm not convinced that much is to be gained from defrag with modern hard drives and it should not be done with SSD's. As woodchip states do it after a clean up not before.

  john bunyan 12:26 16 Aug 2013

I use Auslogics free defrag . See:


It is far quicker than the MS one. As a routine, I use CCleaner both to clear history, cookies etc, and the (mild)Registry cleaner. Then run a scan with SAS or MBAM (virus scan automatic daily). Then I defrag. In my case I have OS and programmes on C partition and data on F,so defrag each. NB do not defrag SSD's. Some say it does not need doing, but I think it speeds things up. I do all the above prior to making an ATI image. I defrag about weekly. Very quick with the above software.

1]: [click here

  spuds 13:12 16 Aug 2013

Very interesting so far, keep more suggestions coming.

  wee eddie 13:25 16 Aug 2013

I am under the impression that the W7 in-house Defragmenter is, once set-up, automatic.

  Forum Editor 14:19 16 Aug 2013

By default, Windows 7 will run a disk defrag once a week, usually at a time when it believes you aren't going to be using your computer. I believe the default time is around 3:00 a.m.

Most home users are in bed then, and their computers are turned off, so no defrag will run. You'll need to set your own time for the auto-run, or simply set the defragger running manually, when you want it to occur.

  rdave13 15:54 16 Aug 2013

I always used to disable Windows' own defrag program and set a time to run MyDefrag manually, when I knew the PC would be idle for a while. Don't defrag any more as using SSD. Link just for interest.

  Batch 18:14 16 Aug 2013

FE - it seems that the Win7 Defrag runs automatically next time you reboot if your machine is off at the scheduled time. I've just been away for a few days and happened to go into Event Viewer this arvo and saw that Defrag has run (for all drives) a short while after booting (the scheduled time was 01:00 on Wednesday).

Also, I see that it isn't listed under Task Scheduler, but that Defrag has its won built in scheduling facility.

  Batch 18:33 16 Aug 2013

Slight correction - I see it is (buried away) in Task Scheduler as well as having its own scheduling interface.

  sunnystaines 07:09 17 Aug 2013

i just let iobit smart defrag run auto in the background when it needs to.

only do manual defrag when new version of SD comes out, always run ccleaner first and close running stuff down first.

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