Correct date & time not saving

  schmollies 17:14 14 Aug 2014


I have a Zoostorm Freedom 10-270 netbook; windows 7 starter. I do not use it that often but is good as it has an actual keyboard and I have needed it working outside my office.

Last week when I switched it on the date and time were wrong & it would not connect to the internet. I changed the date & time, saved the changes, and all was fine. The next day I switched it on, the date & time were again incorrect. This happened again today.

Any idea what the problem might be?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:37 14 Aug 2014

Sounds like the CMOS battery is dead (the battery is used save the BIOS settings, because you do not use the machine often the battery is over used and gone flat).

See here for a new battery and link on the site to show how to change (not s easy on some laptops)

  john bunyan 18:13 14 Aug 2014

I do sympathise. A young relative has an Asus Laptop where this happens in spite of a new Panasonic CMOS battery - I wonder if something can drain it. Hope you sort it out and in your case the CMOS battery is the answer.

  rdave13 18:27 14 Aug 2014

One workaround possibly is to make the netbook 'sleep' rather than shutdown and checking, now and again, that the main battery still has charge. Not ideal but cheaper than sending for repair. Depending on the battery's state .

  schmollies 20:06 14 Aug 2014

Hi All,

Many thanks for all your replies. I don't think I am confident enough to try & change the CMOS battery myself. Will take to a local repair man.


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