Corel Draw - makes duplicate on text reposition

  Diemmess 09:39 15 Apr 2009

Corel v. 12
Quite suddenly has developed a nuisance habit of leaving a duplicate whenever I move some simple text to a better position.

Once upon a time in an earlier version, I remember seeing an option to leave a duplicate when doing something with an object,
I cant find where to make the necessary change to the default setting which would stop this.

Tools and dockers are there but which one please?

  Diemmess 13:52 15 Apr 2009

Have tried re-installing. No difference.

Should add - The duplicate/remain fault applies to all objects, not just text.

  Diemmess 15:59 16 Apr 2009

As often with background problems, the answer is a good example of "if it aint broke..."

I had opened my beloved but ancient Cherry keyboard for cleaning. (the top lifts off after springing a few tags underneath)

Cleaning the keys is now easy because the top is entirely plastic and the keys are retained within the top as fitted at the factory.
I've done it before, and provided it is really dry it is ready for use after squeezing the case shut.
Usual result clean keyboard as good as new.

This time things went wrong on disassembly, I fumbled and the guts more or less disembowelled themselves- a heavy piece of steel sheet, plus a collection of plastic membranes and some fancy rubber moulding.

When tried back again it was fine except for all the keys at the left hand end, which might as well not have been there!
I discovered a tongue of the membrane which had slipped out from under the circuit board and refitted it.

Much better, but still did bad things in Corel draw as if I were holding down control when moving an object.

Final effort just now. I took it all apart and carefully searched for and removed any dust particles and smears. Also a carefull wipe of the ribbon contacts between membrane and circuit board.

Cured! and so is another snag which printed ++++++++++++++++ sometimes and out of the blue.

When I think of the hours I have spent, uninstalling/reinstalling Corel suite, and even a few trials with older Acronis files.

Lateral thinking needed, particularly a query "What else have you done"

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