Corel Capture

  ened 13:31 04 Aug 2004

All I get when I try to grab a frame from Media Player is the black background.
Can anybody who is familiar with the programme tell me where I am going wrong.

  ened 14:05 04 Aug 2004


  ened 14:05 04 Aug 2004


  ened 16:41 04 Aug 2004


  Pesala 17:27 04 Aug 2004

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I have Corel Capture and Windows Media player. The only films I have are Windows help tutorials which capture just fine, but I have seen this problem before. Can you post a link to the movie that is causing the problem?

  toxin 17:28 04 Aug 2004

When the "Capture" toolbar appears are you selecting "Current Window"?

I've just done a trial capture to verify and no problems. Got the full WMP window, saved as a cpt file, which opened in Photopaint OK.

Sorry I can't be of more help without details of your method of capture.

  ened 06:24 05 Aug 2004

It is with all movies and I have never been able to do it, with any system or configuration. This has been several years. Only now have I decided to do something about it.

toxin I have just tried this and indeed am selecting current window. It is saving to clipboard and when I open Photopaint I select New from Clipboard I get the WMP screen as if nothing is playing.
I can't help feeling I am missing something obvious because nobody else seems to have ythis problem.

  ened 06:35 05 Aug 2004

I have just tried capturing a screen in RealPlayer and it got it first time.
In WMP it just picks up the black screen, the titles and even the cursor, which I placed in the middle of the playing area.

  ened 17:26 05 Aug 2004

Surely somebody must know about this???

  ened 10:22 15 Aug 2004


  Diemmess 11:24 15 Aug 2004

Like you, have used Corel Capture for a long time, but very infrequently.

Have only ever tried -after pausing- the movie, and probably while using Quicktime.

Always worked for me, though I can't remember when I last tried it.

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