Corel 12 installation fails to open imported files - just closes

  Diemmess 09:52 02 Oct 2014

Win 8 and Corel 12 has been a difficult installation for a friend

His email this morning said

"Limited success! I can create a new document, close it and re-open it. But I cannot open an existing document [from me] without the blasted thing closing"! -

A previous thread in retrospect, detailed a difficult installation which was completed only when a copy of an installation disk was made to his HD and installation from there. I wonder if the computer is confused by duplication between a pukka installation and the HD copy.

Several installs since that, have used the proper CD. I still live in XP days, and would have kept to copied files in their own folder. He may have done this but if not that could be the answer.

Is the file structure different Win 8 from XP?
Where do we go from here?

  Woolwell 10:20 02 Oct 2014

I assume that he has CoralDraw 12 which is now an ancient piece of software. He may wish to try W8 compatibility mode Older programs in W8. The file structure isn't really different.

Is he producing newsletters, magazines, etc using this software? If so I wouldn't have started there but use something like Serif PagePlus which can also save in pdf format. The problem is the old copies he has.

  Diemmess 11:33 02 Oct 2014

I wouldn't start from here.....

I have had the responsibility of a twice yearly village magazine for twenty years, and a capable friend is taking over the advertising part of the work. There are about £800 of ads in each edition collected as as pdf, good quality jpg, Word, and over the years many I cobbled from CorelDRW all later converted to pdf for printing.

In the nature of things the new "boy" and I will have to cooperate closely to avoid duplicated efforts and move over to whatever he wants to use.

I think the stumbling block is the suspect installation so I'd value advice on clearing his shiny new computer of all traces of Corel then installing a fresh one?

  Woolwell 13:22 02 Oct 2014

I produce newsletters, notices and the equivalent of a village magazine with advertising on a regular basis. IMO I would prefer to use a good DTP which can import pdf and image files.

Revo is probably the best way to get rid of Coral.

  Diemmess 15:15 02 Oct 2014

Thanks for this discussion Woolwell.

Thanks too for recommending Revo.

As a problem it is small when I realise that a more business-like approach would be to convince my friend to use a program he is happy with for new ads. I must convert any advert CDR files for him if needed. The intention is for him to manage the financial end of things. I will manage the copy reports and compilation.

Or..... something like that!

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