Core2Duo processors+motherboards

  tcbuxton46 21:13 16 Aug 2008

Trying to build a new PC got a nForce630imotherboard and a core2
E7200 processor.My problem is it powers up but thats it no Beeps no POSTon the box the processor came in it says !!requires electrically compatabible board????.
The motherboard supports the processor Could it have something to do with the case or PSU?
Tried taking everything out and seeing if I get any Beeps just by its self nothing/

  chub_tor 21:57 16 Aug 2008

I don't know if it is peculiar to the latest nForce motherboards but mine has never beeped on start up - not even the single beep on start up, I tried speaker connections etc and even started a thread on this forum. However my system did boot up fine and works well.

Have you tried checking the memory as that is often the cause of boot up failures? If you have two sticks try them one at a time and also in different slots.

Does the CPU fan spin, and the power supply fan and any other case fans? That will give some indication as to whether the PSU itself is getting and delivering power to the board.

  Fingees 22:04 16 Aug 2008

I built a few computers, and found nowadays,the don't always beep.

I was told on querying, that if it was a really serious fault, it would give a extrermely loud screetching noise.

So far so good.

  tcbuxton46 22:13 16 Aug 2008

yes every thig powers up but nothing on screen

  tcbuxton46 22:16 16 Aug 2008

not put memory in yet but that is ok told crucil my board and got guaranteed memory .built a few comps before but never Core2 duo ones

  elbecko 04:01 17 Aug 2008

actually i bought a new pc 2 weeks ago, its a E7200.

  chub_tor 14:34 17 Aug 2008

"not put memory in yet but that is ok told crucil my board and got guaranteed memory .built a few comps before but never Core2 duo ones"

It won't boot up without any memory, you need to install at least one stick.

  tcbuxton46 17:15 17 Aug 2008

Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard same problem as nForce motherboard.Thought it was faulty,which is why I started again with another core2 duo CPU.

the only thing the same is the case and power suply.but it was running a core 2duo processor.when the mother board developed a fault tried to get same board could not so got the nearest one to it .

  chub_tor 21:05 17 Aug 2008

click here is an excellent guide to the steps in building, testing and debugging new PC builds. It includes LGA775 motherboards. Probably worth a read.

  tcbuxton46 18:59 19 Aug 2008

Dont know why but putting the MB into a new case

It now Works ok

Thanks for your help

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