Core 2 Quad 9300 upgrade

  Dark Mantis 20:44 18 Aug 2008

I have just upgraded my computer with the following:

Asus P5Q3 LGA 775 deluxe motherboard
Core 2 Quad core 9300 2.5Mgz
Gigabyte Radeon 4850 512Mb PCIE graphics card
OCZ DDR3 Platinum dual channel memory kit x2
Zalman CNPS7700-Cu heatsink and fan
Zalman ZM750-HP heatpipe cooled 750W modular PSU

added to my older DVD RW, SATA hard drives etc. The problem is the setup is not stable and just freezes quite often. I have used the default motherboard bios settings and everything is standard. Please can anyone throw any light on this annoying problem?

  Dark Mantis 14:37 19 Aug 2008


  woodchip 14:43 19 Aug 2008

If you have just put the hard drive back in as it was with other motherboard, its a wonder it starts!

You need to start with the XP CD choose Install then click on the XP operating system it finds and press R to repair it, you should then load the correct drivers for the Motherboard after repair

  Dark Mantis 17:01 19 Aug 2008

Thanks for the response but I re-partitioned and then formatted the drive prior to a fresh install(which took about 2 days to complete) of Win XP. I tried Vista too but no better. I keep getting BSODs and freezes, especially when I try and install drivers etc.

  woodchip 18:04 19 Aug 2008

You are not trying to load 64bit windows are you?

If Not it sounds like a Hardware Driver Problem, You could try removing as much Hardware as you can like leave just the Graphics card no PCI cards only one Hard Drive and one stick of memory

  Dark Mantis 18:28 19 Aug 2008

No, its just the usual 32 bit XP. I have just got the barebones running. Motherboard, processor, two sticks of RAM as its dual channel, graphics card, SATA HDD and DVD RW.

  I am Spartacus 18:40 19 Aug 2008

Try it with a single stick of RAM at a time. You coulds also run the MS Memory Diagnsotics tool click here You need to leave it running for a while though to be sure that there isn't a fault.

I'd also check your BIOS settings with reference to the manual.

What error codes are coming up on the BSODs?

  Dark Mantis 21:09 19 Aug 2008

I cant use a single stick of ram because it is a dual channel setup. However I will try the diagnostics tool that you recommended and see what that says.
I took the processor out and checked to see if it seemed to be properly seated in the socket. Although the pins in the socket looked ok there looked to be a couple of lands on the chip that had no marks on them so I am wondering if all the connections are properly made. Any ideas?

  I am Spartacus 21:15 19 Aug 2008

You can use a single stick even with Dual Channel RAM. I've not noticed any marks on the underside of CPU's I've looked at although some of the pins don't actually do anything.

  Dark Mantis 14:21 20 Aug 2008

Thanks for the info, I thought that you had to install two at a time to work. The marks are just little dots where the pins make contact. I have just pulled it all to bits again and am in the process of rebuilding it, just hoping that something might come to light. I will run the memory checker when I have finished and post again.

  Dark Mantis 18:04 21 Aug 2008

Well I rebuilt the system from the motherboard up but still no luck! It freezes all the time and refuses to install windows(XP) without a BSOD. They give various reasons but nothing helpfull. I have tried one stick of ram at a time to no avail and raised the voltage on the memory to 1.9V after some other advice. I am just about out of ideas now can anyone else help?

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