Core 2 Duo Query

  Bazz2000 23:32 10 Jan 2010

Hi people,
Ive had a major problem with my pc recently which I seem to have sorted now with a memory upgrade. Everything seems fine other than this:
On the task manager it shows the 2 cpus, but one always seems to be near the top while the other stays doing next to nothing, for example. CPU load 52%. 45% cpu1 and 7% cpu2. These are approx guesses from the graph. Is this normal behaviour or is there some sort of load balancing that should be working but usnt.

  t.long 23:33 10 Jan 2010

A bit of a stab in the dark but, depeneding on what programmes/OS you are running it might simple be that the programmes can not take advantage of multiple processors, so one is doing all the grunt work, leaving the other idle.

  Bazz2000 23:39 10 Jan 2010

I totally get what you mean t.long thats definately an option. Its probably me just being a bit paranoid but because my system has been buggy for moths until i found the problem I just want to make sure the cpu isnt now giving warning signs!! Thanks for the reply

  OTT_Buzzard 00:15 11 Jan 2010

If you want to check that the other CPU core can go to its max, download and run Prime95.

Prime95 is commonly used as a stress testing programme. It will send instructions to the CPU at the max rate the CPU can handle it. If you think you may have overheating issues then don't run it for long.

Direct download link: click here

More info on Prime95: click here

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