Cordless Problems

  K.H 21:21 06 Dec 2003

Hi all

I recently bought a 17" TFT Monitor, which i must say im impressed with, and got a "Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator" package as a bonus which consits of an impressive wireless keyboard and an optical wireless mouse, installation went fine, but the mouse is extremely jerky and often doesnt go where i want it to go, and when i press a key on the keyboard, it takes up to 4 seconds to come up on the screen. At the moment, im using my standard keyboard and mouse.

Any help would be aprreciated as i really woudn't like to have to take it back.


  Salinger 22:41 06 Dec 2003

First thing to check are the batteries in both Keyboard and Mouse, then the surface that you are using the mouse on.

If using rechargeable batteries did you fully charge them before using?

  Steven135 22:55 06 Dec 2003

You could go to the logitech site and download the latest drivers if you haven't already.

Also Right click on an empty part of your desktop, choose properties - advanced- look for graphics acceleration (tabs vary according to graphics card) turn it down a notch and try it then.

Consider updating you Graphics card driver.

  Steven135 22:58 06 Dec 2003

Forgot to say go to control panel click on keyboard and check your settings same with mouse.

  K.H 23:07 06 Dec 2003

I used the batteries that came with the package and they were brand new, and as for the grahpics, that cant be a problem because it works fine when when i use my old mouse and keyboard

Thanks for the suggestions


  Salinger 23:12 06 Dec 2003

So they were not rechargeables?

  K.H 23:21 06 Dec 2003


  Steven135 23:22 06 Dec 2003

I would still try turning down the acceleration a notch this is suggested for problems with your mouse. Have you the latest Logitech drivers?

  K.H 23:23 06 Dec 2003

I used the drivers that came on the disc, i will try the acceleration now, thank you.

  K.H 23:25 06 Dec 2003

will this also solve the keyboard problem aswell

  cycoze 23:28 06 Dec 2003

Two pages worth reading click here and click here .

Also worth checking your batteries , just because they came `new` with the goods doesent mean they will be perfect , pages above suggest re-sync of the mice and keyboard , also suggest other electrical devices may interfere.

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