cordless phone knocking internet off...

  nick_j007 13:36 22 Apr 2010

Oh boy, this has been happening for some time now, and I have been too busy in truth to stop and deal with it.

A bit quieter at present, hence the post.

I use a 3Com wireless router which is wired to my Dell desktop running XP with an approx. 1.5 metre cable. This is in the office here upstairs.

Downstairs I keep the base unit, and here in the office I have an extension unit which is kept charged on a base.

When I take or make calls I am often knocked off line and if I simply wait 1/2 minutes I will reconnect without a problem.

So, can anyone advise me, as I must have waited for a few hours in total now with this issue.

Thanks in advance.


  Jollyjohn 20:24 22 Apr 2010

Ensure you have a filter on all phones in the house.

  mgmcc 23:25 22 Apr 2010

If it is a "wireless" connection between computer and router which is being lost when using a cordless phone, you could try changing the Channel number used by the router to a high number, such as 11. Cordless (and mobile) phones are one of the more common causes of dropped WiFi connections and should generally be kept away from Routers and Wireless Network Adapters.

  onthelimit 13:38 23 Apr 2010

But if you're wired only, the most likely problem is a missing filter (as per jollyjohn) or an existing one is faulty. Try unplugging everything from the phone system except the router and one phone. See if connection drops when making a call. If it does, change the filter. If it doesn't, add other units to the phone line, one at a time, until you discover which filter is causing the problem.

  nick_j007 16:57 26 Apr 2010


Ha, seems I was indeed missing a filter on the main telephone base downstairs.

I had a couple spare (the problem really) and put one in line.

I have had no 'knock-offs' since doing this so I shall mark as resolved.

Sincere thanks to all for helping, especially Jollyjohn and onthelimit.

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