cordless mouse question

  acein1 12:43 13 Dec 2004

hi my friend has a "gateway" p/c ,where the mouse is connected to the "keyboard" via usb,the problem is the mouse cable is a pest always getting in the way, can he just buy a cordless mouse,or dose he have to buy a keyboard also,sorry if this is adaft question,but any advice about this and any pitfalls that he may incounter would be appreciated along with suggestion on which mouse/keyboard etc thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 13:03 13 Dec 2004

It will depend on the connections on the back of the PC for mouse / keyboard. Generally speaking, there should be a couple of PS2 connectors - about the size of a 5p coin.

I don't know if Gateway had their own type - it is possible.

What happens when the mouse is detached from the keyboard (can it?)? You may be able to replace it with a USB mouse?

  Diodorus Siculus 13:03 13 Dec 2004

I must remember to refresh... :-(

  acein1 13:41 13 Dec 2004

thank you all for advice,i am a bit confused , yes he can disconect the mouse from the keyboard,but when he tried another mouse in the usb port on the back of the p/c it would not work,as far as i know there are NO ps/2 ports on the back of the p/c usb only

  Stuartli 14:26 13 Dec 2004

Look for two round Din type sockets - one should be green and the other purple. The green one is for a mouse, whether corded type or via onnecting a transmitter for a wireless version.

Some motherboard have a differnt type of PS/2 connecter and you may require an adapter (a lead with a female socket of each to use either way) in which to fit the mouse receiver's lead.

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