Coral reef screensaver

  Andsome 13:13 21 Feb 2003

In shops etc I have seen monitors with an absolutely beautiful coral reef screensaver. Does anyone please know where to obtain it.

  « Ravin » 13:21 21 Feb 2003

i think its a part of "plus! pack for windows xp" ? not to sure though. i'm sure someone here will find a download site for you ;o))

  Djohn 13:44 21 Feb 2003

Andsome, Yep, it's part of the + pack, think that sells for approx. £20-00, some excellent screen savers and desktop themes included. J.

  « Ravin » 13:53 21 Feb 2003

i thought that it was a bit more expensive? anyway i think its a total waste. not worth paying so much for stuff that can be downloaded off the net. you'd be better off borrowing a copy from a friend if thats allowed.

  Andsome 17:28 21 Feb 2003

Many thanks all, I am not prepared to pay that kind of cash for a screensaver. thanks anyway.

  Djohn 17:47 21 Feb 2003

Andsome, I agree, it is a lot to pay, and I have not got it myself.

« Ravin », I think that is the price I saw in PC World for the XP plus pack, could be mistaken though.

Couple of months back this screen saver and others where inquired about, and someone directed us to, (I think), www tuwcows for a free and legal download of many of the screen savers that are in the pack. I'll try a search and see if I can find anything on this. J.

  Andsome 08:23 22 Feb 2003


I found tuwcows, and found a marine screensaver. None of the downloading links were available. just the dreaded 'this page is unavailable' sign, even with my firewall disabled.

  Falkyrn 09:27 22 Feb 2003

This is one of several sites offering a free download of a marine life screensaver (not Microsofts) click here

  Andsome 09:46 22 Feb 2003

Many thanks

  « Ravin » 20:24 23 Feb 2003

click here]Click here

found a site where you can download the aquarium screensaver for free. is this the one you were looking for?


  Andsome 08:09 24 Feb 2003

Thanks, but although this is better that the one I have, I cannot afford that kind of money just for a screensaver. Many thanks any way.

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