Copyright Protection on Nero

  Poloman69 20:28 27 Jan 2004

My kids love watching DVD's but being kids they don't really think about looking after them and our Monster's Inc DVD is getting very worn with lots of scratches.

I tried to create a back-up of it using Nero 6, so that if they do wreck it - i have a backup
(which if i am not wrong i am allowed to do - is this right?)

But when i try to use Nero - it comes up with a message saying that i cannot do so due to that the DVD is copyrighted.

How can i create a back-up for personal use in the home? Can nero do it - or do i have to look at other software.

If i do need to look at other software - are there any good ones you could recommend as it would be very costly to replace them with new one's?

  Chegs ® 20:33 27 Jan 2004

I dont wish to upset anyone but...

DVD's are copyright protected to STOP you from making a backup.Nero recognises this and wont do it.There are ways to defeat copyright,but this post would get deleted if anyone placed a link to a site to allow it.Same probably goes for suggestions for ways to do it.PCA wont allow anything that explains how to break the law on copyright.

  leo49 20:42 27 Jan 2004
  Poloman69 20:54 27 Jan 2004


Better start looking in the sales or on Ebay

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