copyright protected cd's

  rabbitrabbit 09:49 21 Oct 2003

just bought me a brand new album, it's copyrighted and i have no real problem with that. but it won't play on my stereo (an excellent cambridge audio). works on my sister's rubbish hi-fi though.
anyway, i tried copying aforementioned disc. but that won't work. tried saving the music as mp3s on my computer. also doesn't work.
so i have a nice new album that i can't really listen to. any way around this?

  graham√ 09:56 21 Oct 2003

Take it back?

  Sir Radfordin 09:57 21 Oct 2003

There are methods that people claim to work around such protection but its the policy of this site not to talk about such things.

If it doesn't play in your Hi-Fi I'd take it back to the shop and complain lots and get them to at least give you your money back.

Out of interest whose album is it?

  rabbitrabbit 10:00 21 Oct 2003

it's the new Funeral For a Friend album. i've bought other so-called "copyright protected" albums quite recently and had no problems at all. even been able to save the mp3s and transfer them to my portable player.

  Terrahawk 10:00 21 Oct 2003

if you cant play it on your stereo then it is not fit for the purpose it was purchased for take it back and change it for one that is not protected or get a refund

  Bruce_Lee 10:14 21 Oct 2003

You can use Clone CD to make an exact copy of the cd whether it is protected or not, but you would end up with an (almost) exact 1:1 copy and would not remove the copyright protections (I have done this several times for media I legally own but have had no trouble with the original cd not playing).

According to the website Clone CD is being discontinued for legal reasons. I'm glad I kept the latest version on a backup cd because the latest version of Nero (6.something) refuses to copy backups of copyright protected games/music (mainly media using Safe Disc 2 and the other new protections).

  rabbitrabbit 10:17 21 Oct 2003

i do have a program called "Alcohol" which i believe is similar to this "Clone" that you speak of. so maybe i'll give that a go.

  scotty 10:18 21 Oct 2003

The register had an article on copy protection recently click here

  rabbitrabbit 10:22 21 Oct 2003

thanks for that scotty, looks like i'll try some "digital shoplifting" later :) hope that solves my problem

  Bruce_Lee 10:44 21 Oct 2003

Is your Cambridge Audio system connected to your pc or is it a seperate system? If it is connected to your pc then there is a program on the disc that allows you to play the cd with a normal cd drive.

If you place the cd in your CD-RW drive you should be able to play the cd using any program you want.

If you can't record the tracks to MP3 directly from the cd you can try the following:

1. Place the cd in a stereo that works (like your sisters)

2. Connect the Audio Out from the steroe to the Line In port on the back of your sound card.

3. Use a conversion program like Music Match Jukebox to convert the audio stream from the Line In to MP3.

This is an annoying way to have to do it. It is far easier to crack the protection on the pc and burn the tracks onto a new cd.

  rabbitrabbit 10:51 21 Oct 2003

thanks bruce lee,

my cambridge audio unit is entirely separate from my computer. i have no link up.

i can play the audio cd through my computer, but this sometimes can be a hassle. obviously i have a stereo for playing my music, and this is how i would like it to remain.

i've used various programs - musicmatch, nero, etc. but to no avail.

is there a simple way to "crack the protection" like u say?

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