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  powerless 22:15 25 Oct 2004

Copyright © 2004 my


Would the above be perfeclty acceptable as a copyright notice?

So this would mean that everythimg on my is "mine"?

  Forum Editor 23:31 25 Oct 2004

"All rights reserved - all trademarks hereby acknowledged" and you have a very satisfactory copyright claim.

If you want to be really 'belt and braces' about it you'll add:-

The text and graphical content of this site is protected by copyright, and may not be copied or otherwise distributed (in whole or in part) without the prior consent of the webmaster.

Strictly speaking you don't have to make a written copyright claim at all - you automatically own the copyright in an 'original work' from the moment of its creation. Web site text and graphics/images are original works - provided

1. You created them yourself - you actually took the photographs, designed the graphic, and wrote the text.


2. You have obtained a copyright release from the owner in respect of anything that you didn't create yourself - in which case you should acknowledge the copyright under an image or at the bottom of the text passage.

As for everything on the site being "mine"..... well yes, but only in the sense that nobody else can use it in its present form. If you write about something for instance, another person could pinch your text, re-write it using the same information, but in a different style or form of words and publish it as his/her own. It's called plagiarism, and all writers encounter it in one way or another. There's not much you can do about it, or about someone who takes oneof your images and uses it. You have to catch such people at it, and then go through the palaver of sending them what's called a 'cease and desist' notification, telling them that if they don't cease and desist from using your material you will take immediate and vigorous legal action to protect your copyright.

  spuds 22:44 26 Oct 2004

A little information on copyrighting click here

  powerless 20:14 28 Oct 2004

Well thanks, i had to find out something first with a copyright issue.

And now i can say a final thanks.

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