pj123 12:09 16 Jul 2005

Are Tourist Information Office leaflets/brochures copyright, or are they in the Public Domain.

I have a friend who has a website for his holiday home. There are a few photo's that he has taken of the area on the site but not much info. I have asked him to get some more photo's with descriptions and some more information about the area. He has now faxed me some leaflets/brochures that he has got from the Tourist Information Office (which are also kept in the holiday home) but can we use these to add to the site? If not, can we plagiarise bits from the leaflets legally?

  spuds 18:02 16 Jul 2005

In the main the copyright would belong to the originator of the product, whether that is an individual or a tourist board.

Further information click here

  spuds 18:05 16 Jul 2005

Whoops- wrong link, try click here

  pj123 18:48 16 Jul 2005

Thanks, spuds, but does that mean (having taken our own photographs) we still can't take a few words here and there from the leaflets/brochures to describe them? I have a brochure for the Rother Valley country park issued by the local council. All it contains is: Where, What it is, Opening times, How to get there, Things to do, Facilities etc.. Surely they can't complain if I use this infomation to direct more visitors to the area?

  spuds 20:45 16 Jul 2005

You will usually find that most places, will give authority to use their articles, if it would benefit them,with no costs incurred for them, and no substantial profits being made by you.A simple letter requesting approval, usually brings favourable results. Adding in your article [when published]that the approval was given.

I once used an article from a National Parks publication for a newsletter release. The officer in charge was more than helpful, especially as we were not making any profit from their work.General things like 'the site as a bar' 'outside catering alongside the river --' or opening times and how to get there would not normally come under any copyright issues, unless you used ordnance survey details and maps etc giving directions.

Best to drop them a line, then you will cover yourself for the future.Should mention that some of these country club type brochures, have copyrights issued by third parties, and are not necessary the country clubs property.

  Forum Editor 22:05 16 Jul 2005

with the use you describe. Copyright applies to any original work, but text that described opening times, facilities etc. is hardly a problem.

I'm quite sure you may go ahead and make use of the information in the manner you describe. It would be a different matter if you were to duplicate or reproduce the leaflets on the site however - you mustn't do that without consent.

  pj123 13:03 21 Jul 2005


Have been in touch with the relevant Tourist Information office and the local council offices.

Have been given permission from both parties to use excerpts from their leaflets/brochures.

Good result.

Thanks everyone. Ticked.

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