eddie937 20:53 15 Jan 2004

i have seen many sites on the internet that give you the ability to download movies,software and mp3s all for free or even paying for them.
does this money you pay to the site actualy go to the music,software or movie people?
is it illegal to download this stuff?
it all seems very legal on web sites, but is it?
i look forward to your replys

  Gaz 25 21:05 15 Jan 2004

Dont go there, these websites are illegal, and they load viruses, spyware and junk on yuor system. Even if you think you are getting free stuff.

Stay well away.

  eddie937 21:12 15 Jan 2004

if these websites are illegal then why aren't they shut down?

  Jester2K 21:37 15 Jan 2004

Because they might be a) difficult to locate (the physical server could be anywhere) b) outside any justification that cares about copyright c) in a country that has few or no copyright laws

Its not always that easy to just shut down a web site. Don't forget the web is world wide not just located in one country or area with a police force to enforce the law. Also resources might be directed against worse websites...

  Gaz 25 21:57 15 Jan 2004

Yes, there has been lawsuits, but they never get finalized.

These P2P people move all the time, keeping one stage ahead.

Next, P2P is not trackable, it is a network of users, so the owner is no part of it.

slow down folks you,re painting a very black and white picture of a multicoloured world. There are many ligitimate outlets on-line, Eddie you havent given us any specifics, either about the movies, music, software or the outlets so how can we judge. Now before we go on I would say If you have any doubts about a site definitely stear well clear of it because the viruses, spyware and junk that Gaz25 mentioned are very real but there are many sites with perfectly legitimate listing of software to download, the movies and music are more likely to be dubious but not necessarily.

Ok if you,re offered a full copy of Adobe photoshop from DOdgyDaveDotcom then it's not good but if you visit a site such as FreewareHome (.com) or Webgrid and download something like the Digit Skinnable Clock then there is no problem.
it's like most things in life, find out what you can about company before you buy.

  plsndrs3 22:31 15 Jan 2004

The fact is that there ARE web sites which allow the transfer of copyright music/films/programs/etc illegaly - but there are others that do [most of] this legally.

It is not a truism but a generalistaion that if you are not paying for the complete music or films and that is/had been a hit, than the risk of breaking the law is higher - as is getting spyware, virus attacks and the rest.

However, there are also perfectly legal download sites - freeware/shareware/trials for programs and pay-per-download for music. I am not convinced that there are any legal sites for downloading films, but I could easily be corrected. The web is a huge place!

Rather than everyone jumping on the band wagon, which specific sites have caught your eye? Just post the name and we can provide an honest evauluation, rather than just guessing. I hope that there will be no villification for simply asking whether a site is legal or not - unlike some postings that there have been in the past.

Alternatively if you are worried about posting here, please feel free to use my email by clicking the envelope beside my name. No harsh words, just an honest evaluation of what you are considering is all I am offering.



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