Copying/Transferring a Recovery Partition

  morddwyd 08:13 15 Aug 2014

I've fitted a new hard disc to my Acer Aspire, just an upgrade, but try as I might I cannot transfer the recovery partition.

No matter what I try, including recovery discs, it will not boot from the transferred partition. It gets close to completion and then hangs and says start again, which is most frustrating (It actually loops, and says "Installation will complete on restart")!

I've installed a retail copy of Windows *Win 7 64 bit) so I know the disc and computer are alight (I'm using it now) but I would like to have the back partitions in place if possible.

Any ideas?

  Jollyjohn 08:22 15 Aug 2014

If you still have the original hard drive you could try using Clonezilla to clone the original to the new. The actual command Clonezilla runs is "dd if source of target", which clones each and every bit across.

An alternative is to use Macrium Reflect to clone the disk. You will need to boot from Macrium again and "Repair Windows Boot issues" and this will give you a working Windows.

You could then create an image onto the original hard drive as a backup, admittedly you would need to boot from a cd to use it rather than the recovery partition.

  morddwyd 20:06 15 Aug 2014

Thanks. I'll give that a try.

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