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  stevedunham 06:21 16 Oct 2003

I'm planning to build a pc and want to use my current O/S on the new machine, can't see the point of changing as I am happy with the current software.

As my machine originally came with Windows installed and with a copy of Compaq's system restore in the box, I was wondering if it is possible to extract and copy the O/S onto a CDR so i can continue to use the licence etc.

No I'm not going to have two machines with the same O/S on as machine one is going to be canabalised for the upgrades added over the last year or so. I've out grown the M/B & CPU I've already got, need more speed and storage now that I'm into playing with image files

  stevedunham 06:28 16 Oct 2003

Forgot to include the important stuff. O/S is Windows 98 with a Me upgrade

  jimv7 08:33 16 Oct 2003

As the new computer will have a different motherboard/drives/cards the old system drivers will not work with the new installation, its better to do a clean install of the operating system, connect your old drive up as slave and copy any files over that you wish to keep.

  Bruce_Lee 09:06 16 Oct 2003

Upgrading to Windows XP could be a consideration. You can get a new version complete with registration code etc for under £70.

By the way for anyone that doesn't know Windows update has officially stopped supporting Windows 95 and 98. Win Me is still supported though so as long as you install the upgrade you should be okay.

This is slightly off topic but if anyone uses Win XP with SP1 and has to regularly reformat their hard drive and reinstall the service pack (which I do regularly), then you can create a slipsteam cd which installs both XP and SP1 much faster. More more information click here

  Diemmess 10:11 16 Oct 2003

Bruce_Lee's advice confirms what scares me about XP. "has to regularly reformat their hard drive and reinstall the service pack (which I do regularly)"..................

jimv7 is wisely suggesting that a cloned installtion on your new harware my need so much alteration that you should consider a freash install of your known O/S. Serious hassle is not inevitble but is likely.

  Diemmess 10:13 16 Oct 2003

Oops - dreadful spelling in that utterance.

  goonerbill 10:30 16 Oct 2003

as ya got ME upgrade, i assume ya running ME. you can load ME on ya new pc without loading 98. on installing ME on ya pc it will ask for the 98 disk, as long as you can point it in the right place on the compaq restore disk to where 98 is on it or on ya old hard drive all should be ok. if 98 is not on any cd's but ya old hard drive ya will have a problem later if ya need a clean install after reformatting ya old one.

XP dont need hard drives reformatting regularly. some people do this to stop there machines slowing down from bits being left from adding/removing programs.

if you decide to upgrade to XP, go for the PRO version, as it dont need all that registry crap with microsoft and if ya got children in education ya can get it for around £45 from insight (sorry lost link, will post back if i find it) full version as well.

  Djohn 10:41 16 Oct 2003

XP Pro. still has to be activated, just the same as the home version. Neither need to be registered. j.

  stevedunham 00:14 17 Oct 2003

That's the plan, a clean install of O/S onto a new hard drive and new drivers where needed.

Problem. Windows 98 preinstalled on original machine.

Problem. Only disk provided was Compaq quick restore.

Problem. how can I extract the windows O/S files from the hard drive and copy to CD or are they on the restore disk?

Why change to xp, happy with Me. Can't see the point of changing just because you can

  Djohn 00:24 17 Oct 2003

when you upgraded to ME on your present PC, didn't you have to insert a 98se qualifying CD?

  soy 00:29 17 Oct 2003

I'm no expert but I don't think its going to be possible. The restore Image that is on your hard drive is configured to the original factory system. As the machine has been upgraded over the years, it has recognised the upgrades so it works.

If you know extract the original Image and apply it to a new PC, The original Image (windows 98) will go on looking for the original system that it was preloaded for i.e The original PC.

As the Components are different now, It will load the wrong drivers and probably configure the whole PC unoperable.

It would be better to buy a proper full Windows Installation for your new PC rather than the old restore CD which is configured only for your old system.

Hey, I may be totally wrong about this, but this is what I think.

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