copying vidoes to DVD

  puma22 12:08 10 Oct 2005

Hi I have looked at the various threads on this but am no wiser. I have an Averr media card (TV card) which the manufacturer assures me should be able to capture the vidoes.

First problem is connecting it up. The old video recorder is VERY old and has RF out, Antenna IN Vedio in/out audio in/out. I tried the obvious of connecting the video via the ordinary TV input areal socet but did not get any signal from the recorder. The TV card also has Svideo, video, and 2 audio (left and right) What do i connect to what??

When i have manged to get the signal through, what software will i need. Will DVD shrink and nero work OK?

Many thanks in advance!

  wobblymike 12:55 10 Oct 2005

Video first - connect the video out of your VCR to the composite video in on your tv card (I expect this will be a phono to phono lead).

Audio - You will need to get a cable with 2 x phono on one end (or 1 x phono if you only have a mono audio out of your VCR) and a stereo jack plug on the other end (you can get them on e bay) connect the phonos to audio out on your vcr and the jack plug to line in on your tv card connect a separate connector from the line out on your tv card to your speakers.

When you play a Video make sure you select the appropriate channel on your VCR (usually one of the AV channels)

Software - you should have some software with your TV card try it first and if its ok all well and good - if not (and many in my experience are pretty basic) you might want to consider purchasing a decent one. I use and recommend video expression 2 from arc soft.

make sure that the line in audio is enabled for your sound card (a common oversight) go into control panel select sound then select volume and ensure line in is enabled.

Once you have cracked the above - you can then burn to CD using Nero.

One other thing the video you capture will probably be in avi form - this is incredibly memory hungry so make sure you have plenty of hard drive space; adittionally you might want to consider converting it from avi to mpeg 1 or 2 before you burn this will do 2 things, 1 it will be quicker to burn and 2 you will be able to store it much easier. hope this helps post back if you want more but offline now till about 1800.

  puma22 18:19 11 Oct 2005

Wobblymike, thanks for this information, but the vcr is very old - about 19 years! The video out is very perculiar and has a round plastic bit in the middle and in the centre of this is a very small oblong of yellow metal. Have you any idea of what to ask for when I buy a lead?

  SEASHANTY 20:26 11 Oct 2005

Left hand side of the page. Search box underneath Contact the Forum Editor. Enter into the search box just three words < VHS TO DVD > This will bring up 27 previous threads on this.

It will take you approx seven hours to transfer one three hour vhs tape to dvd using the PC.

Best advice. Purchase a new vcr and a home dvd recorder. Do it that way. Its far easier.

  BRYNIT 21:22 11 Oct 2005

When you plugged the video into the TV card using the RF cable did you remember to tune the video in to a channel.

  puma22 09:43 12 Oct 2005

thanks for the advice. Brynit, good point I didnt. I might try this, it does sound so obvious ;-)
What Seashanty says puts me off a bit. (ps thanks for the help with search, it does pay to use the right terminology!) Would you get two seperate machines or an all in one combo. Also would you recommend one iwth a hard drive?

  john-232317 14:03 12 Oct 2005

Get two seperate ones like seashanty says,cheap as chips now, you dont really need a HD one as you will be copying straight to the DVD, also in realtime 1hr = 1hr.

  SEASHANTY 16:03 12 Oct 2005

Check out the possibilities on here
click here

  SEASHANTY 16:18 12 Oct 2005

I use a Digifusion PVR which is a combined twin tuner freeview box which will record two channels from TV at the same time whilst allowing you to watch something previously recorded. It contains a hard drive. Dixons sell the FVRT 200 model which has 80GB HDD for £180. Unfortunately PVR's do not allow any inputs for other sources. I use this with the Panasonic DMR-ES20D dvd recorder which has both freeview and analogue tuners and will allow you to record to DVD-R or DVD-RAM from a cheap VCR. It will also take an inputs from the PVR or any other video source.
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