Copying VCR tapes to computer

  dracsville 13:13 06 May 2006

I need advice on copying my old Hi8 and VCR tapes to computer. Would any TV card do it or is there a particular one that's best suited to the job? Would I need to connect scart cable as well as ordinary aerial lead?

  Bagsey 13:27 06 May 2006

More info on the equipment you now have would be of help. Eg. You say you want to copy your OLD Hi8 tapes. I read this as, you have now moved on to Digital. Am I right. Some digital camers have a pass through facility to allow you to convert analogue video to digital to get it onto the computer. That is what I use. Then you can use any video editing program to clean up you video and put it out to CD or DVD.Early this year,I think, the cover disc had Ulead video 7 as a freebie. I have used it and it is OK. Anyway give us more info on your computer and camera gear and I am sure we can help you to get the answer you need. There are very many options.

  dracsville 15:02 08 May 2006

Thanks Bagsey. I have no video camera at present but believe I'd need a digital8 if I'm to copymy old Hi8 tapes to computer. I'm about to buy a new computer with 256MB GEFORCE 6800GS PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT card. Just for now I would like to know about copying VCR tapes and what would be the best TV card before I order one with my new computer. Perhaps it would be better to buy a card separately afterwards? If so, what is the best one and is there anything else I should be careful about?

  pj123 15:16 08 May 2006

You will need some sort of capture device.

I use Pinnacle Dazzle Fusion.

But if you type vhs to dvd into the Forum Search box you will get lots of previous threads, all giving good advice.

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