Copying URL's

  spuds 11:07 14 Oct 2004

Bit of an embarrasment really. Recently I have been responding or adding certain aticles to the various sections of the forum's, and the url's that I have copied have some how not displayed as intended. Is it me, the site connections or is it the way that I am submitting url's as 'click here's'.Never had much trouble in the past.

A typical case was yesterday click here The url that I included in my post didn't connect to the relevant site, yet what appears to me, the link that Mr Mistofflees gave was the same or very similar, and this connected with no problems.

What am I doing wrong, as this embarrasment is becoming annoying, and I want to correct it before it becomes a bigger problem.

PS. Many thanks Mr Mistofflees for you redirection help, I was unable to thank you in the actual thread due to the FE's actions.

  rawprawn 12:31 14 Oct 2004

Just to add to JonnyTub's note about tinyurl, you can drag a link from there onto your toolbar whick becomes a quick link.

  spuds 13:21 14 Oct 2004

Thank Guys. Embarrasment possibly now solved. I put it down to the aging factor!!.Thanks again all.

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