Copying a url to paste

  Graham ® 13:23 12 Jun 2004

When trying to copy a long url to paste into Tinyurl, I often miss off parts that are out of the box. I can use the arrow keys to see them, but often when selecting, only part is selected.

Is there a better way to do this? AOL/XP.

  johnnyrocker 13:26 12 Jun 2004

highlight the whole string right click and copy?


  Lionheart ? 13:29 12 Jun 2004

I don't highlight the link, just click TinyURL and it picks it up no problem.

  Graham ® 13:30 12 Jun 2004

It splits in half if I do that.

  submarine 13:30 12 Jun 2004

click before first letter of url, press shift & end keys simultaniously (highlights whole url) then ctrl & c (to copy) and ctrl & p (to paste where ever).

  Graham ® 13:35 12 Jun 2004

Yes! That works! Thanks.

  submarine 14:14 12 Jun 2004

My pleasure.

Those keyboard shortcuts, among others, also work in many other applications (Word etc..)

  Blanc Glacier 16:57 12 Jun 2004

Dont you mean Ctrl + V to paste? If you use Ctrl + P then it will bring up a print dialogue. Sorry just being picky! :)

  submarine 19:16 18 Jun 2004

Yes, Blanc Glacier, you are correct with Ctrl+V. It must have been the pre-holiday excitement...

... now back to work!

  Graham ® 19:36 18 Jun 2004

I didn't notice 'cos I use the mouse to paste.

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