Copying from Tv Tuner to DVD

  freddy-firecracker 12:31 13 Apr 2005


i am planning to copy the london marathon onto a dvd/cd via my pc tv tuner. I have cyberlink power cinema insatlled which can copy at various resolutions. Normal standard works out at 11mb a minute. the race may last three hours for good runners so i work out that the file may be in the region of 5-6gb. As my dvd only burns single layer 1.e 4.7gb or 2 hours in length what do i do, i need to be able to watch on a dvd palyer if this helps

Any help would be good.



  Stonechatz 13:05 13 Apr 2005

If so, you can use VirtualDub 1.6 to crunch the large file (is it a pure DV capture you are making, as in 13Gb/hour of video?) Anyways, VirtualDub can compress 2 hours of DV-video, in very reasonable quality, onto a single CD if that is the level of compression you require. Otherwise MainConcept do a package that can crunch your video into Mpeg2 standard ('normal' DVD format), and you can regulate the file-size so that it will meet the 4.7Gb constraints of your DVD blanks. Probably best to record from a PC-TV card in file sizes not larger than 1Gb as you can get video/audio desync - unless you use an analog-video-digitiser like a Canopus, which locks the video signal to the audio - I have recorded files 6 hours long (6 x 13Gb!!!) and had no audio breaking away from the video. All your video queries can be found at the best site for video FAQ at click here

  €dstowe 13:32 13 Apr 2005

Whichever method you use to do this, ensure you do a practice run beforehand. This is especially important id you are using one of the compression systems to stuff a load of data on to one disc.

So many "one in a lifetime" events have been lost because people have trusted their equipment to be reliable when, in fact, it wasn't.

Better to record to your hard drive before committing to disc.

  TomJerry 13:44 13 Apr 2005

i.e. reduce the so called bitrate, analogue TV is not up to DVD quality, only SVCD quality, so there is a big room to reduce bitrate without loss video quality

try a few difference setting to find out, your TV capture card should have this facility

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