Copying SP3

  carper 19:21 20 Jun 2008

I have recently downloaded SP3 successfully and wish to make a CD to copy it to my lap top. Can someone please tell me how to find it so that I can copy it.
Belarc Advisor shows me that it is present but if I click on the location it simply goes to the Microsoft page. Any help greatly appreciated. Regards Carper

  [email protected] 20:24 20 Jun 2008

Have a look in your downloads folder for the xp3 self extracting cabinet.Burn the cabinet to cd.
Then try opening and running it on the laptop.

  rdave13 20:41 20 Jun 2008

If that doesn't work this is the only 'stand alone' version; click here
That I can find.

  gazzaho 20:54 20 Jun 2008

You may want to check before downloading and installing the 400MB stand alone version as I remember reading somewhere that it doesn't check for some other required updates before installing, which the one on the update site does. I may be wrong but it's better to be safe than sorry.

  carper 18:06 22 Jun 2008

Thanks for your replies. As I have said the programme is completely downloaded and I want to copy it to disc for my lap top instead of downloading it to that as well.
Thanks for your suggestion Raven but I can't find the file you mention. The only file which says cabinet is very small. Nothing like the full download. Looks like I will have to do the complete download again to my laptop. Regards Carper

  Strawballs 20:47 22 Jun 2008

When you downloaded it if you choose run then it will just install and you can't copy it to disc but if you chose save then run your burning software and navigate to where you saved it to burn to disc.

  Stuartli 20:59 22 Jun 2008

Try, from Start>Search>Files and Folders, keying in:


and see if it turns up.

  Stuartli 23:51 22 Jun 2008

The largest SP3 file I've come across was 336MB (SP3 RC2) - SP3 Final was 315MB.

  carper 11:39 23 Jun 2008

Thanks for your efforts but the search did not find it. Looks like I will just have to download it to my Laptop. Regards Carper

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