Copying SP2 to CD Problem

  rawprawn 12:15 11 Aug 2004

Last night I my Auto Download in SP2 Beta downloaded, and installed the new update with no problems. This morning I thought that I would download the file, then save it to disc for future use if needs be. I downloaded the whole file to My Documents/My Downloads, but when I try to copy it to a disc I get the message "Cannot copy file the resource is in use" Also if I try to turn off, or restart my computer, I get the message "Windows is working with a file either wait until it's finished or close the file" Nothing is running in Task master, any ideas.

  rawprawn 14:33 11 Aug 2004

I believe the reason is that it was a self extracting file and was trying to install all the time, which made it impossible to copy or delete. Fortunately I had made a backup immediately after SP2 was installed and before downloading this file, so I restored using that backup. I will wait and order the disc.

  Stuartli 14:55 11 Aug 2004

I route all downloads (done using FreshDownload) to a Desktop folder which also acts as a backup, along with burning them to a multisession CD-R until it is full.

Many of them are self-extracting files but they won't run until you click on them to install....

  rawprawn 16:57 11 Aug 2004

It was my intention to do as you have said but using a folder called "Downloads" instead of desktop. I have never come accross this problem before, I know that many downloads are self extracting, but this one was different. I think that there may have been a "Precursor" folder that you click OK before downloading the main file, and that automatically opens it up without clicking on it.I am a bit baffled. All is OK now except that I don't have a copy on disc.

  rawprawn 17:00 11 Aug 2004

click here And try it. The link is from aprevious post by Powerless.

  Stuartli 08:45 12 Aug 2004

Thanks for the info but, in fact, my son has broadband and did the download yesterday...:-)

No doubt I'll be getting it in due course - on a CD-R....

  Stuartli 08:48 12 Aug 2004

I keep my FD Downloads folder shortcut on the Desktop - it's just quicker to get to the folder that way.

  rawprawn 09:10 12 Aug 2004

I would be interested to know the link from where your son downloaded. I also wonered if I might download direct to CD, I am on broadband but only at 512kbps so it still takes about 2 hours, and I don't want to waste my time again. It's just that I feel a bit niggled!!

  hssutton 10:11 12 Aug 2004

I downloaded from the above link saved to my desktop, then dragged it onto my DVD recorder.

  rawprawn 10:22 12 Aug 2004

I think I will have to give in on this one, I tried twice from that link with a nil result both times when I tried to drag/ send/ & then copy to CD. Thanks for the response

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