Copying and sorting advice sought!

  Housten 15:41 11 Aug 2013

Good Afternoon, Gentleman,

Some of you may notice that I have another query on here, and it is as a result of what I have been doing because of the other query that this query has arisen!

I have had to do a fair amount of copying - backwards and forwards. This problem I have noticed before but it has been really irritating me over the past week. When I have been copying files from one location to another I have noticed there is a violent difference in the speed. At times I get over 7 MB/sec but at other times it has dropped below 500 KB/sec. Does anyone know of a – preferably free – programme which will copy at a fairly standard, and – hopefully - fastish, speed rather than microsoft’s ‘Copy’? I am not asking for it to be the fastest thing ‘since sliced bread’, just that it works at a – more or less, anyway – constant speed.

Whilst I am asking, many years ago when you defragged your drive, you had the choice of moving the files into alphabetical order or by file type. Is there a programme around today which will do this? All the defrag programmes I have seen lately move the files into a ‘hotch-potch’ with no semblance of order. I find this disconcerting and would really like to be able to tell the computer what order I want the files in! I know this is pathetic, but I would like to have some more control over what the computer is doing!!

Any ideas from anyone will be very gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance.

  john bunyan 15:56 11 Aug 2013

Computers will store folders and sub folders in alphabetical or numeric order. If you look (via windows explorer) at, for example, the C drive, you will see that is true. When you create your own folders, the same happens. In my case all my self generated data is in a "F" partition with a main folder : "My Documents" with sub folders such as My Photos, My Word documents etc. I use Freefilesynch to make a mirror image copy of the master folder on a regular basis, ensuring I have a back up of all my data.Because only a few files change, it takes only a very short time to synch.

I do use Auslogics disc defrag quite often. Please come back with more specific questions.

  Woolwell 21:31 11 Aug 2013

I doubt that any copy program will be much better than Windows for speed but may give you more functionality and better control of the clipboard. But you could try SuperCopier however I have never used it and therefore do not know how good it is. The read and write speed depends on the media that you are using and the transfer method between them. You haven't stated whether you are copying on the same hard drive or what other programs are running in the background at the same time eg is an anti-virus program at work.

As far as I am aware a computer isn't bothered whether the files are in alphabetical order on a drive or not. It will present them to you in that fashion but the pointers to the files could be to any part of the drive. Obviously it helps if all of the parts of the files are together which is what a defrag program does (but note you should not use a defrag program on a SSD). I think that you do not need the level of control that you want.

  Housten 10:39 12 Aug 2013

Good morning, Gentlemen,

john bunyan and Woolwell,

I use 'Allway Sync' to make frequent backups of my more important files. What I have been doing with regard to the copying is from the same Kingston 16 GB pen drive to my hard drive, with virtually nothing running on my computer. In fact on many occasions when I am copying a folder in one go the variations are as I stated. However reading your comments leads me to think that this variation - whislt annoying - is something I should just ignore and accept. With regard to an anti-virus programme I have avast!Free and it is running at all times, and as it is I do not see how it would have any effect on the copying or if it did surely it would be constant and effectively cancel itself out?

After further consideration of your comments, it would seem sensible to just ignore, and accept, what is happening. Many thanks for your comments, help and time taken to reply.

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