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Copying recordings from Humax PVR

  Furkin 21:38 01 Oct 2016

My Humax fvp 4000T is playing up, & I need to reformat the hdd.

Obviously I will lose the recordings - about 145 of them. I've been trying to use the Humax's system its-self, using a USB-3 cable and external hdd, but its still painfully slow - far too slow to copy everything.

I was wondering if I connected the Humax to my PC - via usb-3 cable to the installed usb-3 card on the pc - whether I could just drop the files across ? After all, they will be going back at some point.

any advice on speeding things up will be appreciated.

  lotvic 21:56 01 Oct 2016

It takes so long to copy to external hdd because it converts the files to TS and then you can play them on pc or dvd player (instead of only via the Humax box to tv) (applies to SD only it won't convert/unencrypt HD recordings)

I've never tried the 2nd way you mention so don't know if that works.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:40 01 Oct 2016

Have you got it connected to your network?

if so copy files to your PC using something like Filezilla (they will stay encrypted) format or replace HDD and copy back they should then still play ok on the machine.

Remember the only way to get unencrypted files off is to copy to usb which decrypts standard not HD files.

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