Copying Recorded TV from PC to CD/DVD-RW

  Gherkin 00:38 06 Oct 2006

I'm having problems copying Recorded TV from PC to CD-R/W. There is not enough space on a regular 700mb disc to copy even half an hour of recorded material, howevEr when I place a blank 4,7Gb DVD-RW in drive is doesn't recognise it & continues to ask for a blank CD-R/W. Are higher capacity CD-R/W'S available? Or is there another way around this prob?

  Jak_1 00:44 06 Oct 2006

Did you change the media from cd-R/W to DVD-RW in your burning program before you tried to burn?

  Koochy 00:48 06 Oct 2006

This may sound cheeky and i hope not to offend but does your drive support DVD-RW burning if not try DVD-/+R's.
As i say i hope this hasn't offended you


  Gherkin 00:49 06 Oct 2006

New to PC's. Where do I go to change cd-r/w to dvd-rw?

  Koochy 00:50 06 Oct 2006

Or another thing to think about is have you recently bought a different brand of disc to what you have used in the past as this has caught me out before.


  Gherkin 00:51 06 Oct 2006

New to PC's. Where do I go to change cd-r/w to dvd-rw?

No, not cheeky! CD Rom draw has DVD-RW pinted on it!! HA!

  Koochy 00:52 06 Oct 2006

What program are you using to put it to cd/dvd?

  Gherkin 00:57 06 Oct 2006

I'm clicking on 'copy to disc' link in 'My Video' document.

  vitrocmax 01:02 06 Oct 2006

So far as I am aware, XP (assuming it's XP that you are using) doesn't directly support DVD burning - only CD.

You will need some DVD software. I'm sure someone will recommend something - I use Nero. There are many others.

  Koochy 01:05 06 Oct 2006

I don't think this actually supports DVD format (but i may be wrong) I would advise buying a third party software that will do all your needs. You could try click here
This will do what you want.


  Koochy 01:06 06 Oct 2006

Thanks for that vitrocmax i think you are right in what you say but i don't want to say for deffinate.


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