Copying PST Files from One PC to Another.

  pwheelie 23:36 16 Jan 2005

I recently purchased a new Laptop (XP Home Edition). My current PC also a Laptop running XP PRO has all my emails and addresses, calenders etc. I have saved them, backed them up onto CD and have been trying for three days now to get the PST files from one Laptop to the other without loss of data. I have used the Microsoft PST Backup tool, I can see the file but when I try to import it to the new Laptop it just will not work. Sometimes it asks for a password, other times it asks tells me "To see my administrator". At this stage I am getting desperate and also fed up.
Can you Help? If so I would be very grateful. Many thanks.

  Jeffers22 00:20 17 Jan 2005

Have you tried the export facility and then the import on the other machine?

  Night Ryder 00:28 17 Jan 2005

Yes. Expoprt setings from OE for contacts and account settings and save to disk the inmpot on new system.

  pwheelie 00:44 17 Jan 2005

My thanks and appreciation to those people who did respond to my original question. However, I have tried what they suggested and still I cannot take the emails, addresses etc from one PC to another. Does anyone know if this can be done using USB to USB cables? If so, what sort of problems am I likely to run into while doing so.

Many thanks.


  ACOLYTE 01:16 17 Jan 2005

If you know where the files are located can you save them to floppy and then copy/paste them back
to the same folders on other pc?

  Zaphod 3 07:12 17 Jan 2005

This is something we do at work and we have a simple walk through to follow. If you contact me via the yellow envelope I'll e-mail it to you this afternoon when I get home.

  AndySD 07:30 17 Jan 2005

When using the backup tool Make sure you tick the whole folder and tick Include Subfolders.

Password it.

Save the pst to cd and move the cd to the other pc. Drag the pst to the desktop and then right click on it and untick Read Only. Now Import it.

Assuming that you have Outlook on both machines....

Do a search for *.pst on your new laptop, if it does not exist then that is the root cause of your problem. Solution send an email to yourself to create a new pst file.

If it does exist then it is simply a matter of overwriting it with the data from the older computer, use Copy and Paste if you are networked in anyway, otherwise copy it to a floppy/cd and overwrite the laptop's version that way.


  pwheelie 12:15 17 Jan 2005

I managed to import the contents of the "InBOX" but not the sent items or the names and email address book. Neither did I manage to move across the diary/calendar.

I'm gradually getting there. What can I now be doing wrong?

Many thanks again to everyone who offered help. It is appreciated.


  AndySD 14:00 17 Jan 2005

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