copying a protected dvd

  BeeWee 00:44 14 Jun 2006

very shortly i am off travelling and would like to burn one particular dvd to my laptop's hard drive rather than take the dvd with me. i am struggling with this problem - i have tried dvd decrypter to no avail. any help would be appreciated and thank you


  kakellie 00:50 14 Jun 2006

copying dvds mate i don't think you'll get any help here.

  SANTOS7 00:52 14 Jun 2006

Why can you not just take the DVD with you and look after it the same way you are obviously going to look after your laptop.
If the DVD in question is protected (so it cannot be copied) then what you are asking is basically breach of copyright.
If anybody offered up software to precure this they would also be in breach of forum guidelines....

  BeeWee 07:45 14 Jun 2006

Oh ok.
No I don't want to take disc with me especially when I have a large hard drive - what's the point?
Anyway - I'll just wait for the particular film in question to be shown on TV and then record it and then transfer it - I assume that's legal? If so what's the difference?

What's a Sony entertainment disk?

Thanks anyway


  vinnyT 11:22 14 Jun 2006

'I assume that's legal?'

In the UK even that is illegal (technically, using a vcr to record copyright progs of the telly is illegal, go figure), but everyone does this, so you will not get in any trouble (probably).


PS enjoy your travels.

  the old man 11:33 14 Jun 2006

I am ready for being corrected on this but isn't it ok to copy protected content if usage is for own use. You can copy a cd to an mp3 player to listen to when out and about so where is the difference. The lad could well be in forces and would want to watch a film when off patrol if serving in two certain theatres. Not a very valid excuse I know but you know what I mean.
Not condoneing the practice for illegal purposes but.........

  mattyc_92 11:51 14 Jun 2006

In the UK, it is technically illegal to skip the adverts when you are watchin live TV (channel flicking)

  Hertz Van Rentyl 12:02 14 Jun 2006

You must work for the EEC!

  vinnyT 12:22 14 Jun 2006

the old man, unless you have the copyright owners permission it is still illegal to copy a cd to an mp3 player to listen to when out and about. The big prob I have with this, is that, Sony are willing to sell me a mini-disk recorder (old I know), sell me the recordable mini-disks, sell me a cd, however after all that buying from sony, under law, I can still not transfer that music to my mini-disks. You have now been corrected, though I'm not saying I agree with it.

mattyc_92; Busted;-)

  rodriguez 12:24 14 Jun 2006

I tape films off Sky Movies straight onto DVD because i can, then I even rip it off the +RW disc onto the PC so that it can be trimmed in Nero so that it looks as good as one you get out the shop (just without the menu). If they didn't want people doing that then Sky would put out a Macrovision signal that ruins the quality when you record like they do on Box Office movies. I think what I do is illegal but no one really cares because everyone does it anyway :-D Anyway this page (click here) may help explain whether ripping to your HDD is legal when you own the original disc.

  vinnyT 15:10 14 Jun 2006

If I've given anyone the impression that I am/was judging them, that was not my intention, I was just explaining that uk law is extreamly tight in its interpretation of copyright use/restrictions eg the use of an mp3 player is illegal if the cd does not confer rights to copy to said player.

In the us they have the fair use policy, where it is allowable to make a personal copy of a cd (music, game, whatever) you have paid, in case the original is damaged (kids putting it in toaster, etc.), you can't do this in the uk, damage the original, tough (the publisher may allow you to buy a new one at a reduced rate).

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