Copying profiles in Windows XP

  jz 16:08 21 Jun 2003

Is there an easy was to copy a profile in Windows XP? I want to make a new profile, but let it start out with all of the settings for my profile.

  VoG® 16:10 21 Jun 2003
  jz 23:50 21 Jun 2003

Thanks VoG. The link to the microsoft website had promising information. I followed the instruction and copies all the files, but when I logged in as the new user, the old settings did not take effect.

Any ideas or alternative ways anyone?

  jazzypop 23:58 21 Jun 2003

A slightly fuller explanation than the MS one - click here

  jz 08:51 22 Jun 2003

Thanks jazzypop. I'm pushed for time right now, but will try this this evening.

  jz 23:02 22 Jun 2003

Still no joy.

Both methods appear to copy all the relevant files, but when I log out of the user where I did the copying operation (which must not be the user being copied from or the user being copies to) and log into the user that has been copied to, it looks as if nothing has changed. For instance, Outlook Express is not set up at all (the dialup info is not present, which was present in the user that was copied from). The user that was copied from had Outlook Express fully configured.

Any more ideas?

  jz 19:39 23 Jun 2003

Hope you don't mind me resurrecting this. I posted my last thread quite late last night when the forum wasn't so popular.

  jz 23:16 23 Jun 2003

OK, I've worked out that it does copy the profile, but only a few things follow the behaviour of the original profile. For instance...

The appearance of Windows (not classic view, unlike the one copied) is different so I had to set it to classic

The keyboard + regional settings is set to US, so I had to set it UK

The Windows Explorer options are not copied

Internet access has to be set up from scratch

The Word template is copies, but some of the Tools > Options aren't.

I thought that was pretty poor considering that 130Mbytes was copied. Where is the extra info stored? In the registry?

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