Copying a Preinstalled OEM to a CD

  Edenry 16:48 30 Aug 2003

October PC Advisor, page 76, referred to legitimately making a copy of an OEM Windows installation from a partition on the hard drive to a CD. They didn't say how this was done - does anyone know please?

  Joe McG 16:50 30 Aug 2003


you will need to use an imaging prog' such as drive image or norton ghost.

just search google for back-up programs.

  krypt1c 17:03 30 Aug 2003

You don't say which version of windows you have. Norton Ghost 2000 supports up to W98SE.
Norton Ghost 2001 supports up to ME & W2K
Norton Ghost 2002 supports up WinXP.
You can get copies of any from click here
btw Norton System Works Pro 2002 includes Ghost 2002 so is a better buy.

  Edenry 17:33 30 Aug 2003

It's Windows XP Home, which came preloaded (no CD). Also, pre-loaded was all the additional "bonus" software, most of which were not required and were all duplicated on CDs anyway - very strange thing to do. So when I restore my XP OS, I restore all the other stuff as well. Is there any way of isolating just the XP OEM and removing the other software?
Many thanks for the previous useful info.

  hugh-265156 17:46 30 Aug 2003

do not format the drive as your copy of windows is restored from a hidden partition on it.instead,use the restore floppy, it should give you a few choices like,complete system restore and windows only.if you choose the former it will install all the software aswell as drivers returning it to factory settings.the latter will just install windows without the rubbish.but you will need to download and install all your drivers manually.not a problem if you know what hardware you here and use this to find out.

once a fresh copy of windows has been installed you will need to get all the updates for it again aswell.once you have done all the above,make a backup image with ghost,driveimage or acronis etc.

  hugh-265156 17:55 30 Aug 2003

ps ,you may be able to create your own master discs from the hidden partition on the drive.

some computer manufacturers provide you with master disc creating software.packard bell do will free up some space on your hard drive.and enable you to make a few copies of them for safe keeping.

you can then format the drive if you ever want to, without the worry of deleting the hidden partition.

  xania 18:59 30 Aug 2003

This is A real bete noire of mine. What right do the vendirs have refusing you a recovery CD? Yes, I know Microsoft don't like them to give away the full Windows CD, but where doews this leave buyers when the HD goes pear shaped - just after the warranty expires. I would like to see PS Advisor mount a crusade about this practice.

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