Copying photos on xp

  daz03 15:41 07 Nov 2005


I am trying to copy some photos onto cdr. I have tried a few methods but each time i get the message "the requested resource is in use". I would be grateful for any help.



  john-232317 16:46 07 Nov 2005

Download this free program, click here

  Diodorus Siculus 16:52 07 Nov 2005

click here

"The Requested Resource Is in Use" Error Message While Preparing or Moving Media
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  john-232317 16:58 07 Nov 2005

Your not trying to burn the cd straight from the camera are you ?

  daz03 17:07 07 Nov 2005

no, they are in a foler on pc.

  daz03 13:32 08 Nov 2005

Hi, i have been unable to resolve the problem and wonder whether anyone has any other suggestions?


  pj123 14:20 08 Nov 2005

What "few methods" have you tried? What burning program are you using?

  bruno 14:47 08 Nov 2005

Right click on the photo you want to save and you should see the "send to"menu.On my one you can send to the cd player/recorder.If all is working ok that should do it.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:29 08 Nov 2005

What program are you using to burn to CD?

  fazer 16:25 08 Nov 2005

Unless I'm missing something here, have you tried just dragging and dropping from Explorer directly onto your CD icon in Explorer?

I do this all the time often copying huge images (TIFF and RAW) - never any problem using the default copying wizard (windows XP).

However (!), you must not have any viewing software open at the same time that may be trying to read from the same images you are copying.

  daz03 13:24 09 Nov 2005

Thanks for your responses. I starte by trying to copy them using xp "copy all items to cd" option. when i did that i got the error message. I tried doing it through windows explorer - dragging and dropping them - got the same message.

I also used software from digital camera - olympus master. That does not work either. I also tried using Instant CD+DVD. Again, no success.

Tried Right click on the photo you want to save and you should see the "send to"menu - get error message.

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