Copying and Pasting from Thunderbird to Word

  Hofnar 16:29 15 Jul 2008

I receive a daily e-mail from Holland with satellite programs for the day. I copy the evening programs to Word where I can then edit the ones I whish to watch and print them. This has been working perfectly with OE and Windows Mail. I’ve changed to Mozilla Thunderbird but when Copying and Pasting as before, everything, headings and text get written in a continuous stream and I haven’t been able to change the format. The colour of the headings has also changed from red to blue.

  nosharpe 16:36 15 Jul 2008

try copying to notepad first

  jack 17:42 15 Jul 2008

Open the massage to full screen - double click on the title line
Go to Edit/Select all/Copy

Now open your word processor and in a new blank document go to Edit Paste.

As suggested if Word is not liking it[but it did for me in a terst before posting this] paste it to
Word pad [That worked on the test too]

  jack 17:43 15 Jul 2008

or a Web page.
The same rules apply how ever.

  Hofnar 15:03 16 Jul 2008

Sorry Marge7 but that didn't work but thanks anyway.

  Hofnar 15:06 16 Jul 2008

Sorry nosharpe but I got the same result as before. See jacks for the "cure" Thanks for trying to help though.

  Hofnar 15:09 16 Jul 2008

Thank you jack. That works fine. I wouldn't have thought about it that way in a month of Sundays.
It is an e-mail program by the way.

  Hofnar 15:20 19 Jul 2008

As I said, it works fine but... the colour of the original e-mail individual headings changes from Red to Blue in Word (2007). Never had that problem before. It matters not that much in this case, but it may at other times. It's strange and I haven't been able to correct it. Any idea?

  jack 16:46 19 Jul 2008

Well now that is a good one and i have not a clue/
In the circs I cant see that it matters
It is something to do with the colour codes between programs .thought I dont see why - they should all be common

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